Sunday, May 28, 2006

Apa Sudah Jadi?

Have Some Respect To Dr M

When Tun Dr Mahathir left his seat as the Prime Minister back few years ago to his successor Pak Lah, he must be thinking that Pak Lah can proceed with what Tun had already started during his reign.

But he (Tun) lives today only to see the ruin of his dreams. Pak Lah, somehow, has failed to perform up to Tun's expectations and idisyncracies. Expected to be the successor of Tun's reign tradition, Pak Lah was somehow act quite the other way around when he turned down Tun's legacies in many ways. Pak Lah has certainly frustrated Tun over many reasons, one of them is the bridge we were supposed to build across the ocean boundary between Johor and Singapore, which in the end the government decided to cancel the whole project.

On the contrary, Tun was somehow feel personally offended about the whole thing and tried to give his personal opinion over the very matters, only to be told to shut his mouth up all along by the government over the bridge issue. The funny thing was, one of the minister in Prime Minister's Department - who once served under Tun's cabinet assembly - told Tun not to interfere anymore regarding the issue.

Nazri should realize how this old Mahathir brought up Malaysia into one of the most spectacular country in the world. After all, who is Nazri to question Tun's action when he is only a small minister like any others in the cabinet?

It would be better if the government approach Tun for advice on major decisions for he has the experience and thoughts for the betterment of the nation. From there on, the government could make a decision on what’s best for the nation and also, collectively, not irritate Tun.


When the current Prime Minister sold MV Agusta at the price of 1 Euro, I should say that the national automotive industry was facing moments of disgust and disgrace. Proton is having a very hard time now, especially when the selling price of Proton shares over the index board decreases from time to time, showing that the company is desperate anyway anyhow. People are losing faith over Proton.

In fact, people are losing faith in him (PM) as well.

This is not about BN or anything. Back then when Tun was still around, i could say that everyone was happy (despite the unhappy others) with Tun's visions and dreams. Call them mega projects, call them wastings, call them anything you want. But look at those so called mega projects. Look at KLCC, KLIA and many others. Yes they cost a lot, but in the way of getting the main and side benefits, some features must be sacrified in order to give ways to incoming fresh incomes. We are talking about investment here, no direct selling like you people always fall into in order to get fast cash.

When we say benefits, are we Malays always think about the money?

I recall this conversation with much an older person some time ago:

"Itu KLIA bazir duit aja. Buat mahal2. Membazir. Hak rakyat terabai."

Is it true? Quoting my post in one forum regarding this mega projects:

"Tapi selalunya yang komplen pasal KLIA ni, adalah orang yang naik kapal terbang dua tiga kali saja. Yang moderate dengan frequent traveler ni tak cakap apa pun sebab mereka puas hati dengan tawaran yang ada di lapangan terbang baru berbanding LTAB Subang. Yang banyak buat bising cuma pakcik2 dan makcik2 di kampung aja.

Sekarang biar kita cakap terus terang. orang kita miskin, salah kerajaan ke? Orang kita tak makan, salah kerajaan ke? orang kita bodoh tak belajar, malam2 rempit kat jalan raya, rogol anak orang, hisap dadah, salah kerajaan ke? tak dapat kerja sebab bodoh sangat, salah kerajaan ke? Kita sendiri tau siapa yang mendapat faedah dan siapa yang tidak. nak hidup, kena usahalah. takkan nak tunggu makanan sampai ke mulut.

Bila kita cakap rakyat layak mendapat pulangan berganda daripada keuntungan kerajaan. layak ke orang2 yang hidupnya hanya modified kereta pastu abai anak2 di umah, dapat duit tu? Atau budak2 dadah dapat duit tu? Budak2 yang tak tentu arah hidupnya, tak ada arah tujuan, dapat duit tu? budak2 yang hidup melepak di kedai kopi, dapat duit tu?"

Now let's get back to our story, which is about Pak Lah.

Pak Lah told the media that he wanted to put large numbers of Malaysian fruits as export items and he mentioned about enlarging the agricultural economy. Now we DO sound like some of the third world countries. What is Pak Lah trying to do, bringing back the country back 30 years ago when we were still in Razak's era? Don't we have anything else to be brought upon the industry than a bunch of mangosteen and bananas?

And it seems that Mahathir-Abdullah clashing is still an ongoing issue.

Quoting BeritaMalaysia on Abdullah-Mahathir meet in Tokyo:

UNDER ordinary circumstances it would hardly be noticed, but when Prime
Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his predecessor Tun Dr
Mahathir Mohamad had a meeting in Tokyo yesterday, it rang bells.

Firstly, it was thousands of kilometres from home, and secondly, it was not
in the best of times considering the fact that the former Prime Minister had
been critical of late of some decisions of the present administration.

But Abdullah was quick to quell speculation when he was asked about the
meeting at a scheduled Press conference later in the afternoon. "Yes, I did
call on Tun," said Abdullah. "But it was only to say hello and to tell him
about my visit and my meetings with several Japanese businessmen here. Nothing more than that. And please don't speculate."

This meeting will surely tell us something: wrong predictions of Tun over Pak Lah means there IS a total error somewhere. Or else, why would people speculate when there is nothing fishy about the very outcome?

Will Pak Lah stay still during next election, when he has nothing to bring Malaysia up upon except his Hadhari and fruit market strategy? Malaysia in breaking apart. Nothing more to be proud of except many of the artifacts that Tun has left us with. PakLah has turned down his predecessor and Malaysians far too much that many has agreed that Pak Lah is nothing but just a wrong pick.

Or not?


Amin Shahriz said...

honestly, i doubt that in the first place Che'Det given full trust to Pak Lah to become his successor.

Pak Lah was one the UMNO Eleven when UMNO split into two if I'm not wrong. So mestilah depa tak berbulu.

If there's any reason why Pak Lah jadik Prime Minister, i'd say that is because of his clean image. When Mahathir stepped down, he was at the end of the line, due to corruption here and there.

Kes Perwaja, MAS, Proton and so on. Mahathir's think tank told him to step down to avoid anymore conflicts that might happen since they all had seen the worst during the 1999 election.

So, Che'Det had to find someone with a clean image to become his successor. Then he found Pak Lah, and he targeted that Pak Lah boleh jadik his successor, but for a while je la, maybe 1 or 2 term.

Because I believed that if anyone should be Mahathir's successor, Najib should be the one. Coz` kalau kita tengok for years Najib dah lama berpayung di bawah Mahathir. Najib nye power is still kuat within the party itself.

Itu skrip drama yang aku nampak la. But within the script, there's also another drama script yang aku nampak. Khairy Jamaluddin. Dier boleh naik laju gile jadik Timbalan Ketua Pemuda. Kalau tengok-tengok, Khairy Jamaluddin is the only person yang betul2 rapat ngan Pak Lah. Masa election kat kelantan last december, his face was seen everywhere. Here and there.

Khairy Jamaluddin also berjaya menguasai Pemuda UMNO sendiri, if u are aware. Cuba tengok bila Khairy Jamaluddin bagi komen nie and tu. MAna gi suara Hishamuddin. Voiceless. And this scenario had never happened during the times of Zahid Hamidi.

What I believe is there'll be a fight for power between Khairy and Najib. Both want to become the top. Najib uses the Whip power, and Khairy is fueled by the Pemuda. Dua gajah berlaga, kancil mati di tengah-tengah. Pak Lah can't do anything except by Khairy's advice. And when Pak Lah do something, Najib datang dan sokong/kritik. Kesian Pak LAh

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ha ha ha. kesian Pak Lah? kesian lagi aku pada Najib.

Bekas Ketua Pemuda UMNO itu seakan kekok apabila melihat kenaikan laju Khairy Jamaluddin atau KJ. Jangan jadi kes Anwar kedua; orang yang cepat naik selalunya akan cepat jatuh. I feel pity on Hishamuddin as well, where most medias get KJ first before Hishamuddin. Special treatment?

KJ is Abdullah's son in law.

As for Najib, he deserves the power to lead. Because of his speech during the mass back then when the heated environment between the fight for endless power (Team A vs Team B) had made everything else became ot of control, Pemuda was again back in one path. Or else, year 46 project will then be only wrecks.

Mahathir is said to handpick his successor. Slip of hands, perhaps?

Sayuti said...

i think, pak lah's effort to focus on agricultural industry is very good in the long run. it will generate economy for the malays in the rural area and provide raw material for the urban industries. how can we be an independent industrialized nation, if we kept on relying for import of raw materials especially food?

pak lah focus on human development aka 'pembangunan modal insan'. i think he is more visionary when he focus his administration into this issue. we can learn from history that great leaders does not build infrastructures, they build people. these people that they built, build great infrastructures, and more.

its a continuous journey, not just stopped at a specified time period, say 2020. have we ever question, whats beyond 2020?

vision 2020, IMHO, is short sightedness corrected by a pair of glasses. its not permanent. it has to be renewed.

dreams are to be realized. visions are to be pursued. but stakeholders have to bare the consequences. even, if it is not their fault in the first place.

its normal in malaysian history for the former to disagree with his sucessor. tun razak didn't agree with tun mahathir. even tunku abdul rahman didn't agree with him.

there are a lot of perspective that need to be looked into - psychological, intellectual and academics - to name a few.

then again, politic is all about deception.

eh, panjang pulak aku merepek dalam BI. riyak kejap. hns hns.

Obefiend Weiland said...


best post in ages. keep it up


tengok video ni kalau tak caya!