Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blisters of Love Part 2

Sometimes life is just great.

I can't sleep since yesterday. Too many things in mind, making my brain worked on actively even though my sugar count was running on low. My body burnt out horribly of heat of my own rage and bursting adrenaline rushing in my veins.

I met Tasha again this morning at around 6.40 in the morning. I promised her a CD which i include many of the newest songs and clips. Since that she's going to leave at 8.00 am, I just wanted to spend some of my precious time with her. I drove my car slowly in heavy fog, heading to Ruby in the old campus area. As i past the lake, i can see the shimmering light telling me that sunrise was to occur in few minutes time. In fact, it has already started.

So there she was, standing while leaning against the metal bars that supports the blocks foundation and load. She was smiling in such a pleasing manner that it actually made me smile as well. She wore a blue lacoste shirt and a blue jeans with a pair of high heel shoes. As i stopped my car and parked a few metres away, she started to make her paces towards me, full with vogueness and elegance.

Hell of a lady, i could see.

I opened the door to let her in and she sat next to me. And again I captured the smell of her perfume. It was not that strong though, but somehow it chained me to moments of silence. Before i start to get really kinky, I handed her the CD and told her to take a look at the contents once she gets to a computer. And i so i just continued talking and talking, and she responded well. Slowly, the mood was set and we're both were into conversation up to a point that we laughed and smiled at each other. And so we realized that still the chemistry is still working.

But I am a changed man now. I am no longer that kid who was once full with passion to fulfil everything life asks from him. I have live a life long enough to see what the world can do to people with dreams. I was torn down, i was hurt. I was slashed to pieces just to learn what mercy means in this real world. I am no longer the kid who believes in life justice and perplexion of happiness. Sadness and sorrow from all the way here taught me to be strong to even shed a tear upon any misery. And slowly the love which once was there slowly faded away and died in total emptiness. I can no longer love, not anymore.

We ended up watching the sun rise from the inside of my car. Not even a word was spoken, it was a total moment of silence. For quite some time we were like that, enjoying our own passion and feelings, exploring each other.

" Maybe you need to go now, Tasha."

Some of the UTM students of whom Tasha has to look after had come out from their blocks and walked to their bus to get ready for the next journey. I went out from my car and opened the other door so that Tasha can go out easily. Well, people might see it as cheesy, but I just stick to the gentlemen code of ethics. Once she was out of the car, i gave her a last smile, and i shook her hand. I could not let her go, as if I wasnted to keep her forever. But I know, that time has already gone. She was no longer the rose that this sparrow owns for himself. She is now free to entertain anyone with her tremendous beauty. Slowly, i let her hand off mine, and we exchanged smile for the last time.

"You take care now Jack."

I turned on my car engine, and with full calm i waved her goodbye. I moved my car slowly so that I can see her from my rear-view mirror. I could see her standing, looking at me from my back. The extreme feelings were killing me slowly as i moved more further from her. Heartful of sorrow, i was. When i took the corner to my left at the cafe heading to the main road, i saw her for the last time waving her slender hands at me. And that was when my heart cried again in the inside. This is it...this will be the last time i will see her around for another couple of months or even years. The chain breaks again for now, until one jolly good time to meet each other once again.

Time passed by so slowly. I wasted the whole day sleeping on my bed. I did not want to even think about it, about her, about everything. When I woke up, it was already sunset. And so i rushed down to my car, started the engine and went off to where I was this morning when the same sun rose. The parking area in front of Ruby was clear. There was no human. There was no bus. No car. Nothing. The silence broke my emotion. I walked out from my car to where i met Tasha this morning, hoping for one crazy thing which no man can make it possible. I walked to the metal bars, expecting to see her smiling at me with her arms wrapping around her body. When i got nearer to the bars, i closed my eyes and opened them again after a few seconds.

But she was never there.

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