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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Caramel Frap Satu!

Hell i cant stay sober for a day long without taking any caffein. I mean, for real dude. Im a coffee junkie. I drink coffee a lot. From as light as Ipoh white down to the darkest roast ground beans, mostly Libracan and Costa Rican dark roast. Creamy Robasta and sometimes a bit of bitter high ground Javanese ticks me on as well.

Coffee is about passions.

Back at home, usually during holidays, i used to spend a lot of time at my favourite coffee house - Starbucks. Hoooly, many of the baristas over there are my friends, or at least they recognize my face and straight away prepare my favourite order, custom made seasoned caramel frap with caramel drops at the bottom and extra caramel and whip creame for toppings. The result? Imagine this: it's like having a block of heavenly chocolate melting inside of your mouth you, refreshing yet so rejoicing.

It's life. Just plain life. 'Coz sometimes you need to find a way to escape from everything by having something special for yourself. Pampering your life with extra care, right from the experts.

I spend a lot of time in coffee houses, San Francisco, Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, Dome, Gloria Jeans and many more, just to travel around in order to find the best ground coffee to satisfy my needs.

Well, some may say it's some sort of high class things, but trust me, this is not about high class things or whatsoever. It's just that i like to have my lucky sip of coffee at anytime, anywhere.

I have my own coffee maker in my room so that i can brew my own cup of coffee. Might not be very nice, as nice as Starbucks' but Im satisfied with it, since i am my own barista.

Say what, coffee mate?


Hani Mialystic said...

Imagine this: it's like having a block of heavenly chocolate melting inside of your mouth you, refreshing yet so rejoicing.

walllaaa make me wanna drink coffee at the very moment lah!

will never have enuff of it kan?

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

exactly. cant live without it. argh..2 weeks je lagi..and then im off back to KL. Starbucks Slumber Party!

abrak said...

white coffe ice satu~

can i join the club?

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

why not? come in dude. owh yeah i forgot to put ur link. but yeah, join in. we're shy of a fullhouse anyway ha ha ha