Thursday, May 11, 2006

Couplings and Life

The sparrow made his way through life again today, even though the journey is yet to be completed.

I spent most of the time of the day in the workshop. Well, my supervisor called me in the morning while i was still in bed sleeping. Slept late last night, thanx to this hectic life of mine.

(I just cant stop writing)

So i woke up, a bit pissed since i was lack of sleep since then. He kept on calling, and he made me got up from bed and kicked my own ass to gain conciousness. Gosh i was so furious when he said this:

" Now you better get here quick. We need some couplings to be done today, you see?"

I walked down the aisle (after i took my shower and everything) with my morning strength, slowly making my way to the workshop at block 21. All along i could see many people; guys and girls, some were still with their morning sickness signs on their faces, while some others were laughing and smiling happily. And so i felt the charm of life had already striked its possession. Love is in the air.

Walking down the road to Pocket D, the greens that surrounded me brings some fresh sensation. The birds sang and the clouds lapped open wide. What a wonderful day, very.

"Early this morning, young man? Have you taken your breakfast?" Yes and no, sir. Im early because u wanted me to be, and i didnt take my breakfast because you wanted me to be as well. The couplings, remember?

Without any words, i gave him a smile and started off with my work. i have this problem of being grumpy whenever Im hungry or sleepy. I just walked to my workplace and I could smell the bizarre liquid coolant all around the heavy machineries section, the smell i have missed for quite some time. I grab an apron and a goggle, applying them all around my body, and started warming up the lathe machine.

Couplings. I just love couplings. This innovation couples two different things together, thats why they call it couplings or couplers. But to manufacture one, is a big headache.

"Good morning, baby."

See, i have this attitude of calling other non-living things as baby, darling, sweetheart or anthing that shows love, you know. It's just an attitude of appreciation, i guess.

I put the aluminium block into the machine arm, turn the spindle and switch on the power. And the block rotated at 3000 revolution per minute, creating turbulence air all around it. Slowly i placed the diamond edge cutter and applied it onto the block.

It took me a lot of time, though.

I saw the block spinning. it spun and spun and spun. but the cutting wasn't so nice, as if im forgetting something i should do before i actually cut the workpiece. It was the coolant cum lubricant.

I turned on the coolant flow button and white coolant liquid slowly flew down the stroke tube and onto the block. This time, shiny surface was created on the block piece, as well as on my smiles too.

And so, i learned something.

This piece rotates. Life rotates. This aluminium is hard, and so is life. The cutter makes this aluminium goes into shape like us putting effort into our own life for some shape. But sometimes we push just too hard that we actually destroying life, the barrier, resulting some spectacular tragedies in life, just like how this diamond cutter cut the alloy block without coolant applied onto it. The block becomes unnecessarily ugly and uneven. It needs coolant. Life needs coolant too.

We need to cool down sometime, because to overcome rotating wheel of life, is not that easy after all.

I finished off my workpiece and it looked great. Shining, up to desired dimension. See, if u know how to design life, we can actually create a wonderful one. and when the wheel stops rotating, people will see, owh look what he had done with his life, truly marvellous!

Yes, that is only when the wheel stops rotating. When the soul is separated, departed from the heart.

So, it is a good lesson after all. I looked at my workpiece and i smiled in proud. I have done a good thing today. It might not be much, but it is enough for me. Apart from my grumpy attitude this morning, i should actually thank my supervisor for having me here to earn this lesson.

I turned around just to see him there, standing and looking at me with that smile on his face.

"Let's go for lunch, shall we? It's on me" he said.

See? What if i actually lose my temper on him this morning over waking me up and preventing me from having my breakfast? It's good to be cool anyway!

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