Monday, May 15, 2006

Dealova Jacksparrow

i dont know what you like to eat,
i dont know what you like to wear.
i dont know how you tie your hair to class,
i dont know you were even there.

i dont know the things that you do,
and i dont know how you look at life.
i dont know where you have been,
everyday from early eight up to five.

i never appreciate my friends,
i never appreciate you.
all that i do everytime is to complain
whining why my life was so in blue.

i never stare at you with my eyes
nor i ever smile at you in such a sweet way
but all i do is to stare at everyone else
making you down deep in decay

i never appreciate everything around me
i always keep them apart
i never see them through all along
be it in my eyes or even in my heart

i dont know how to please you
i swear to God if i only knew
i will make you the happiest person in this world
i give u love, let alone those golds and glaring pearl

i dont know you, no really i dont
but i am willing to learn about you somehow i do
from everything inside to the outside of you
from back then all along to the present you

when you came to my life, i was just a stupid boy
mind not at state, i acted like a water buoy
take a look at me now sayang, im someone new
for that i changed a lot, i changed because of you

you wanted me to appreciate God all along
I swear to you baby, i certainly do
when you asked of what would be my priority in life
be them My Lord, myself, my family and of course you

you wonder about what i want in life
even when i say it is always you
you doubt me in every single way
i tried to explain, i even gave you that clue
but you never understand it my dear
instead you leave me alone, not knowing what to do

i went out with that girl
i went out with that one too
but dear, have you ever realized
that always i come back to you?

i wanted to say im sorry
i wanted to say please forgive me
i wanted to show you how much i care
i dont give a damn if it is my heart you need to tear

yes oh yes it is true that
i never try to communicate with you my dear
just that im such a super dumb bloke
too superior yet im too inferior

i have made you cried in front of me
i even made you down
yet i never cry in front of you
or cheer you up, or be your forever clown

i love you since back then
i even love you now
wanted to tell you i love you so much
but i just dont know the way how

i wanted you so badly my dear
i wish you were mine, oh yes it's true
but to see you in somebody's arm everytime
i told to myself this one line, it's nothing new
it's okay, someday maybe we'll be together
together me and you.

im sorry sayang, but i need to go
nothing is with me now, only your perfume still on my nose
for that now im down all around, oh yes i do
as you wish dear, i will walk away from you

dont cry sayang, i hate to see those tears
it hurts me a lot when i cant even offer you comfort
i dont know how to kiss, i dont know how to love
and you know it well, i just know how to hurt

goodbye my lover goodbye my soul
i have told you everything, nothing left untold
my wasted heart will always love you dear
and i always wait for you, nowhere else but here

Dedicated to you, obviously. Thanx dude. At least i have something to cry my head off about tonite.


Hani said...

jack i wanna read something new.

this one is surely making me cry over and over again..

Anonymous said... true..suits u very well. where did u get this,er,poem?