Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A jar of peanut butter and anger management

Quoting someone from a blog next door: Here you can read what a fallen overachiever, an introverted snob is thinking in the lowest roughest point in his life. Or whatever I feel like writing about.


that's it. for the past 15 hours, i dont have anything in my mind that i can actually spit out.

and i miss fira a lot.

I spent the whole night on my bed licking off the creamy peanut butter using my tongue and my fingers. My mind wandered off to somewhere between the brightest star and the black hole. Damn i couldnt even remember when did i pass out last nite. Woke up with this stupid headache inside of my head and a little bit of hangover (over a jar of peanut butter?).

"perangai macam sial"

who, me? Hey come on man, you can only see the outside of the whole story. Well she's a woman so what? Do you know how much trouble i have gone through with her all along? Goddammit how can you be so blind over a lady, you manwhore? Yeah okay i know she's cute (what the fuck..) and happy and whaddyacall 'Gedix' all over but you guys actually abandoned me for her?

I mean, owh come on man...i treated you like brothers, dude.

What are you guys, huh? A bunch of losers who wait for women to flirt with you so that you can dump a friend like me for her? Gosh i cant believe she could flirt with you guys and i got blamed for it? Dammit man...seriously. She flirts with EVERY AND EACH OF YOU, open your cheap eyes man!

Im with fira. She's much more expensive than any of the street whores or very much of a Queen Elizabeth style of women. At least she does not flirt with anyone! not with you cheapskate monsters.


Ooops. lost it again. Time to lick the creamy peanut butter again. humm humm budeebum bum bum


Anonymous said...

her pride is all she has..for u 2 put it that way is rather sweet tho ;)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

owh really...well..hope that she'll show me some love tho..thanx for droppin' by..*cough*arif*cough*