Monday, May 29, 2006

Open Letter To K5 Forummers

For some reason, im starting to miss the old grapevine.

Home is where the heart is.

Come altogether, i surely miss the old days where words are widely spoken, none of the topics were happily closed in order to satisfy other peoples needs, where all the harsh words were taken openly in arms, and many stood up to speak like a man.

Gosh i missed my old days, where many took my writings as inspirations, where many messaged me about how at large my speeches were, and how extravagant the forummers back then when we talked about stuffs.

Here in K5, there are hardly heavy discussions. Religion sector was somehow be put apart. nobody cares about reading current issues, while many others put their basic thoughts on other visual entertainment and spamming.

I miss Kai. I miss Genjo Sanzo. I miss Solidus Snake. I miss how ableze used to stand and talk out loud. I miss the way how Effi put his ideas at rage. I miss how Silumaniax used to take over the counter by every and each of his words.

[quote][color=#FF0000]Mangifera:[/color]cam gvine, more matured issues, byk issue2 hangat yang dibincangkan secara terbuka dan suka-ati-kepala-makcik-dia-nak-flame. tp, aku learn something that is very valuable in gvine. not to be soft. melayu or specifically ASIAN ni soft hearted. bukanlah nak ngajar korang jadik kurang ajar, tp when you need to speak up your mind, or DESPERATELY to speak up, just go on and let people hear your voice. and gvine asked lots of thinking, especially in heavy discussion. nak post bukan leh sebarang.[/quote]

There were times when i was so sick of the way i think nowadays, where there were no development and nothing as such as critical thinking. When triggered, human tends to think better and wiser, and on the contrary human will only stand like trees by the river when there were nothing to trigger their minds out.

Sorry to say, but as always i stick to my principles. Some may say that "You can go to hell with you stupid principles" or "Fuchtzie you and your fuchtzie principles" but these are what i learn from back there in Grapevine. Some might take the road not taken, and i am brave enough to drag my balls all along the road alone before, until came to a point where many has follow my leads in Grapevine. I have thought many others to stand like a man, to speak like a man, and to be responsible like a man, when many others said that it was just like the other way around.

It made me sad to see this forum becomes like GOLDMEMBERS-only-forum. Where the same face, same kind of writings, same stuffs and same shit came out everyday from the very same hand that type all those words. When I tried to bring many more into this K5, using my provocation method as usual, many of the members turned against me by saying that i should have learnt to take care of others feelings. Then how about my feelings? How about others' feelings that agree with my provocation method? We live in a world of variety, only that the significant ones will treat the small groups like communist.

Sometimes we need to grow up, young ones. By saying young ones, im not saying that you are entirely young to actually say anything, but along the time we learn how to get involved and how to be matured upon other things. Try to accept others opinion no matter how bitter the truth is. That is how Grapevine works, and still we (some of the Grapeviners leftovers) have the heart for Grapevine.

Flaming blindheartedly is stupid, but to flame in such situation that it opens everybody elses' eyes, it makes you strong. It builds your confidence. It makes you tough. But hardy no one realizes this fact. Many people withdraw themselves from foruming era after being flamed, only because they feel offended and lack of confidence and all. And should the flammers be blamed on this? The one who got flamed should stand upon like strong men do, and that is when people who understand you give you respects, while the others will only kill you with their narrow minded mind.

K5 is running low at heart. No hot stuffs. No nothing. Limited. Totally remote, where all the unnecessary 'flamings' are to be wiped off the screen at no time, providing so-called comfort to the other forumers. that is what that makes K5 a boring place to actually be made a forumming place. No integrity. More entertainment-like. Some topics need to be closed entirely over 'just to make sure no one is feeling anything' reason. Then why the hell you opened such thread at first?

Brothers and Sisters,

Outside there, there could never be like this (and someone will say k5 is k5, gv is gv, outside is outside). More alike, no one will treat you like the way we treated you here. Even in GV we were shown no mercy at all. So that we can take things like a man, and so we can grow matured in only a short time. We youngsters are too child-like these days. We ought to take things casually and half-heartedly. We dont know what is actually responsibility.

"Kalau terasa diri itu [i]fragile[/i], kena marah sikit pun tak boleh, baik duduk diam2 saja. Kalaupun duduk diam, tak akan ada orang kata kamu bisu. Kalau berani bersuara, berani la tanggung. Kalau tak mahu tanggung, bisu." Rashid Razak, PhD. Admin Forum

Sometimes we hardly bite the bitter facts, but learn to. Try to accept that in this world, we need to stand up and speak up so that others will listen to you. And try to accept that not everyone is the same, there are varieties of others out there yet we need to learn about. Out there we need to fight to survive. And from where do all that starts? Here, from the very ground of us.

Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that you guys will stand up and be brave, with confidence to stand upon the other forummers and get the grip of being the true forummer, not only kiddies who cry when they get scolded. You guys are far more matured, and you guys can do it well. Look at other universities, they are far more leading than us. So be the leaders of others, lead them all the way up, making integration among students and create a brave social community with bright ideas. Together, you will make K5 something that makes you proud, rather than its 3-words-championship and hey-im-mad-today threads.

After all, this is only my personal opinion over the current matters. More or like I and Mangi are almost the same, where both of us were treated so badly that concurrently that made me be responsible of what we said and still, we are tryig to be the man who mean what we speak.

Have a very nice day.

little bitch. i hate you.


Anonymous said...

Apa Sudah Jadi? I totally agree!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Apa sudah jadi? haha. Malaysian politics environment has changed a lot these days.

haha..bila nak jadi forumer tapi tak boleh kena marah sikit, susahlah! hidup bagai di celah ketiak emak, sampai bila? ada la seorang ini yang terlalu fragile sampai tak boleh kena marah langsung, jenis yang dimanjakan gila babi di rumah, marahkan aku yang sememangnya kasar dalam berforum.

padahal dia tak pernah pun berani untuk bersuara di thread heavy discussions dah current issues. Lebih2, dia cuma bermain2 saja di thread spamming.

aku berkata benar. jika hendak terima, terima. jika tidak, balik sajalah ke pangkuan emak untuk dimanja2.

quoting Blindheart: K5 untuk budak2, diuruskan pun oleh budak2!

Amin Shahriz said...

erk.. really ke?
well, i dunno...
Expect the unexpected, that's my quote kalau ber'blog',berchatting, ber'ym' ngan people around, esp yang kita tidak begitu mengenali mereka. People are born and nurtured in different worlds, with different manners and time zone, so their personality, their actions pon different gak pada aku. Honestly, kalau ada yang begitu, I just let them do so. It's useless to force someone to become the way we want them to be. We show let them find their own path themselves.

(jek, sori xde perenggan.. huhu~)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...


teruk aku kena kat K5. cam sial. terasa macam di kindergarten!

Hani said...

at least we all learn new things kan.

k5 surely gonna miss flammer tegar like u. xdela org nk kasik hot forum dh pasneh. T_T

gudlark yer ur intern.dtg utp nnt i banjer cisnan.hihi.


Sayuti said...

cis, takde sape rindu aku. down.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

aisaymaaaaannnnnn..lupa la cayangg..aiyooo..rindu2 ...kat sini mirc dah bosan la sayut..dah tader bot ko yang bleh dibawak berborak tu...aisshh..

jgn la majuk..ala kalo ko majuk pun takkan aku gak nak pujuk..bini tu ada..soh aa dier pujuk


presenting sayuti aka Aku^seekor^irc^bot

Unta@Jitra said...

Woh ko ade blog rupenye

Anyway GV is almost dead... gbox is still here with me but almost gone due to the freakin blockage from ITMS... n we have almost zero talented writers here in V3 alone...

Igt nk upkan kt luar... tapi byk mende kene consider...

1) Org luar (non utp/ non ex) bole masuk... kalo wat filter IP utp je, otai2 GV luar still xleh masuk...

2) Hosting...

Aside from that... hurm... recruiting good mods/admins can really be a pain in the ass... those who can dedicate most of his time maintaining the forum while struggling with ups n downs of internet connection here in UTP...

Still, i guess it s a good idea to move on... make GV public... nnt aku bincang sama otai2 GV...

About K5.. i have no comment coz i've never seen / read the forum myslef :)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

what a very sad thing to learn about.

Grapevine has already been a part of me for long..entahlah..kata orang, tak semua yang ada itu perlu ada selamanya.

Tempat yang jatuh lagi dikenang. Inikan pula tempat kena flame, dapat kawan, dapat musuh dan etc.

Apa pun...buat la apa yang korang rasa betul untuk GV tu..asal jangan mati terus. K5 dah ada 400 lebih user skrg altogether, and harap2 akan bertambah lagi. masa depan k5 pun masih lagi kabur..tak banyak penulis2 kritikal yang boleh diharapkan. orang2 macam mesol, carbonytte, celicazz etc.

Aku akan terus menulis. walau GV dah takde dan k5 dah down pagi tadi sebab wadieq dah balik, aku still ada blog untuk menjadi medium lampiran penulisan aku.

anyway unta, keci yayi and sapa2 lagi yang berusaha keras untuk gv revival, thanx a lot. u've done a very good job. hope to see you guys again.

Obefiend Weiland said...

good riddance GV.. the damn forum had been pilladge and raped over the years.what was once a serious forum about politics and serious discussion had changed into a quagmire of anime,gundam and bullshit!

i am happy the damn thing died. honestly. i would rather see the thing dead than continue to see the massive gang rape happening in front of my eye

on behalf of calgary and the original GV team

fuckin rest in peace!

Sayuti said...

aku kenal gv selepas diskas2 politik. huhu. aku tak suka politik la eff.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

goddamn! here in pasir gudang they dont simply give away pass to internet access. and no cc too!

by the way, yeah effi dude. im in the same cup wif ya. hahah. better to see my ship sinks deep down to ocean bed than to see it falls into the hands of those pirates!