Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stories So Good You Feel You Wanna Slap Yo Momma

I always find it interesting observing human nature, just by talking and listening to the people around me. People often tell you what they think you want to hear, or they hold back from saying things they really want to say, or they withhold information out of fear of judgment. People are so afraid to embrace the truth. The older we get, the more jaded we are and the further we get from the truth about ourselves and life in general. We get caught up in the "should's" of society, the expectations put upon us, and the fear of ostracization. Any deviance from the "status quo" and we get worried... we get scared... we don't wanna be judged... we don't wanna draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. So often we just try to "fit in" instead... It's easier right?! Fear is immobilizing. It stops people from being who they are, it prevents our human race from evolving, it stops beautiful things from happening.

We need to embrace our human truths more often, whatever that truth may be. Just being our (real) selves is something we could all stand to do more often. Take the mask off once in a while, let people see your humanity... maybe you'll be vulnerable in doing so, but it's worth it.

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