Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What a great day to meet vendor clients.

I was doing some piping and mechanical instrumentations material take-off when my supervisor came up to me and told me to wear my blue MMHE jacket. I stood up, take my jacket and my document file and started walking towards the meeting room, tailing my supervisor who acted like some big time engineer (well he is one hell of a great man; he knows a lot of piping works and mechanical instruments, both theoretical and practical jobs. Don’t mess with him).

When I saw the door of the meeting room, I was somehow feeling incompetent and distracted. Maybe it was just another experience for a first timer, but what the hell. My supervisor took a look at my face and smiled, only to open the door to let me in.

And there they were, both of them.

Cameron was once a big company, and now it’s enormous. Working with fittings and valves that ranges from 150 pound class up to 5000 pound class, the company promises a lot of highly engineered materials, made from stainless steel up to Duplex type for both high temperature and low temperature use.

The vendor clients, a local and an American, made me feel like a numb nut. They were in suits and stuffs, high-class personnel with glaring watches on their intellectual wrists, while I was in my engineer suit (blue jacket and blue pants, with that bloody heavy safety boots). But thanks a lot to my supervisor, really. When the clients took a funny look (I guess so) at me, he immediately told them that I am a young Piping Engineer currently working here, which then explained why I was walking around in heavy suits and such.

The meeting went smoothly, especially when the vendor who actually came to get our attention, not us calling them to come like usual. Well, business cut low nowadays huh, gentlemen? But anyway they granted me their respect and I was happy about it. Not a very bad try on my first client meeting. And I received my first name card too. Hahaha…great.

This evening I might go for some evening walk around the yard, especially when a massive FPSO tanker had just berthed at the side of our high walls. It turns out to be a good sightseeing spot, so I might take the initiative to climb up the vessel and start shouting at the end of the hull like the other Jack in that romantic-crap movie ‘Titanic’

Bloody Dawson. How the hell you got to know Rose anyway? You make single men like me feel like a loser.

Well at least you died. Serve you right. Hahah.

Where is everyone anyway? Sunyi je page ni..sigh..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And as usual i arrive at my workplace, a two-storey high building painted in white, just to see another FPSO ship has anchored near the dock area earlier this morning. The bloody thing is HUGE, and when i say it's huge, i mean it. MISC Petronas LNG ship, so called. Well it means that more work is waiting around the yard area. Long live the heavy duty workers, I must say.

After i punch my attendance card (still the primitive way im using, when other staffs have already started using electronic card system), i turn around to see a couple of lovely blocks of stairs heading to the second floor. Climbing up the stairs is another hard thing for me to do in the morning. Imagine this, you sleep on a piece of cotton mat (or simply 'toto') on the floor the whole night, and being attacked by a battalion of blood-sucking small monsters that make funny sounds in your ears, and you wake up in mofo cold only to realize that your next door neighbour steals your comforter. And usually i will end up with such backpain that it makes me swear the whole miles to the office. And with that backpain, you want me to climb the stairs? Curse you Berkley.

But well, since that i have my own space now, i surely will smile when i see that small blue cubicle of mine. 2 weeks back I was sitting on a dinner table for 6 to do my job, and now i have my own turf. Cool, but there's nothing interesting about the cube-baby anyway; there's a computer on the table that no one in this office knows how to log into its system (which then makes it useless), there's also a metal wirebox where i put my documents, an empty box under the table, my blue mug thats still contain some of the yesterdays nescafe, my black BUM reversible jacket (the office HVAC is bloody cold) lying on my chair, and some crappy books of Offshore Engineers and stuffs like that. Plus my MP3 player that entertains me whenever I start to lose my grip.

But there is one particular thing about my cube; the place makes me feel better at any time. Seriously, dude, no joke. I dont mind doing some overtime until late at night (my record is only until 8.30pm so far, since i was so chickenly frightened by the noise that came from my the pantry in my office) doing stuffs in my beloved cube. Man, I might sound a little bit, whaddya say, girlish? Yeah sure dude, but when it comes to my living space I am very sensitive and particular. Im not choosy so far, since i can live in a jungle like back then when I was still in the army, ONLY when I am happy with my living area.

But yeah whatever. I still love my little blue cubicle.

Enough for now. Dont really have the idea of what to write. My love life has gone sick these days. I only realized it when I started to fall in love with my own cubicle. Damn. Tell u what, gimme some topics and I'll consider to write about it.

Ok, gotta go. Back to my blue cubicle!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Krisis Mahathir-Pak Lah kini semakin hangat nampaknya. Hendak pula apabila melihatkan Mahathir semakin bertindak agresif dengan menyatakan hak dan pendapatnya tegasnya sebagai rakyat negara ini dan seterusnya sebagai bekas perdana menteri yang pernah berkuasa satu ketika dulu.

Tapi bagi saya krisis ini lucu.

Pak Lah nampaknya masih mendiamkan diri, dan hanya mengharapkan menteri-menteri, ketua-ketua jabatan, Putera, Wanita dan Puteri UMNO sahaja yang bagaikan hendak pecah tembolok melaungkan sokongan kepada pemerintahan Pak Lah (yang pada saya semakin hari semakin ‘hampeh’ kata orang muda2 Malaysia).

Kasihan Mahathir. Dulu masa beliau masih berkuasa, tak seorang pun berani mengangkat muka, apatah lagi mengeraskan suara. Tak sampai pun beberapa penggal selepas beliau menarik diri dari arena politik negara, dah ramai yang mendabik dada, seakan menganggap bekas perdana menteri itu sebagai seorang tua yang capek dan hendak mampus gamaknya. Biasalah manusia. Politik murahan yang menjadikan diri hamba kepada kuasa, bukan kepada ketulusan perlembagaan dan keharmonian dalam penguatkuasaan tugas.

Pengecut. Orang-orang yang bangkit menentang Che Det kini, padahal dulunya menjadi tukang-tukang kipas buntut Che Det juga, adalah pengecut. Dulu masa orang tua tu jadi ahli kabinet tertinggi, seorang pun tak berani bersuara, mentang-mentang orang tua itu dah berambus dari kabinet kamu, semua nak naik jadi hero.

Sekarang saya ingin memperkatakan tentang Pak Lah pula. Saya bukanlah big fan Pak Lah, dulu kini dan selamanya. Lihat sajalah selama beliau berada di dalam kabinet. Apa sangatlah yang telah beliau buat, selain membatalkan projek mega yang menganjur ke Singapura (sehingga membuatkan kita kelihatan seperti anjing yang lari dari medan pertempuran dengan Sang Singa Cina ‘with its tail between its leg’), menyatakan kepada rakyat bahawa duit kerajaan dah habis masa time Mahathir lagi sehinggakan rakyat mula risau kerana Malaysia sudah miskin (mungkin kerana ini harga elektrik dan minyak naik, dan kemudiannya bil telefon, air dan tol pula menjulang ke langit) serta mengharapkan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia agar melaksanakan semula pelan Buku Hijau yang konon-kononnya dapat mencambahkan ekonomi negara.

Heh. Wake up Pak Lah!

‘Bekerjalah dengan saya, bukan bekerja untuk saya’, itulah kata-kata keramat yang membuatkan rakyat Malaysia (terutamanya orang Melayu yang tak sedar diri) untuk naik kepala perdana menteri. Kalau betullah apa yang Pak L:ah katakan itu, saya rasa saya pun boleh digelar perdana menteri kerana saya bekerja dengan perdana menteri. Maka saya adalah sama level dengan perdana menteri, paling cikai pun saya adalah ahli kabinet tertinggi di dalam Setiausaha UMNO. Hebat tak saya? Seems that all tasks are divided into everyone’s pigeonhole, with the same tolerances, same responsibilities, and same priority of jobs. Wonderful Pak Lah, wonderful. Wonderful Bullshit!
Perasan atau tidak, kini di televisyen lebih ramai menteri yang berucap dari perdana menteri sendiri. Mana perdana menteri kita, tak masuk dalam TV pun? Kalau masuk pun sekadar hendak memenuhkan slot, dengan menampakkan beliau memegang anak entah sapa-sapa (nampak sedikit naluri kebapaan) ataupun melawat ke tempat-tempat rakyat. Pak Lah, itu semua kerja ahli dewan undangan negeri, bukan kerja perdana menteri! Look at our inflation, Pak Lah! Look at our economy! This is not the time for you to fool around. Just take a stupid look at Proton. Now why the hell Naza earns more credit nowadays?

Alih-alih Najib jugak yang banyak buat statement, besides S. Samy Velly dan Shahrir Samad yang sibuk bincang kes duit poket RM 100 juta yang perlu disumbatkan ke dalam mulut kontraktor yang rugi kerana projek jambatan indah yang dulunya mampu menundukkan kepala Sang Singa sebelah rumah dibatalkan. Pasal jambatan ini pun satu hal lagi. Pak Lah kata dengan mengikut kata rakyat, jambatan itu perlu dihentikan pembinaannya. Masalahnya, kata rakyat mana? Tak ada pun petisyen, tak ada pun rapat umum, tak ada pun pungutan suara rakyat, apa lagi undi SMS. Anyway Afundi siapa, sidang kabinet kita?

Seriously, Pak Lah. You have to take charge with your army now. Or maybe we can see another era of, err, let say the era of Tunku?

Mahathir is disappointed, and everybody knows about it. When the man who built the country is disappointed, it indicates that something very wrong is going on around. Compared to Pak Lah, Mahathir might have used a lot of money in order to create wonders here in Malaysia. KLIA terminals, Twin Towers, KL tower and so on, yes they drained our money very fast, but then again it helps in order to attract people and to make people know us.

Now, Pak Lah wanted us to sell those mangosteens and expect the whole world knows our existence? Hahah. Give some claps and hooray for Pak Lah, people!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

When at first i put my foot inside the compound, I talked to myself.

"What in God's heaven and hell is that?"

That big, long metal structure clamped together with scaffoldings and temporary welding striked my personal curiosity. Most of the metals were coloured in yellow previously, probably anti-rust coating. Those pipes of different sizes danced around each other, creating harmonic life digital designs. And there were many sparks and water droplets falling all from high above, making that whole big thing a wonder to a young engineer wannabe like me.

'SEAHAWK TOPSIDE' was written wide and clear on the scaffolding notice board, indicating that i was looking at one of many oil rig construction projects here in Malaysian Marine & Heavy Engineering yard.

I looked at myself and i wonder, am i suitable enough for this? With this new blue jacket and heavy industry long pants, a goggle and a safety harness on my left hand, a safety helmet on my right and a pair of new heavy duty boot? When i looked around there were many people, and 99.88% of them were males, which made me feel so bad i just wanna throw myself into the dry dock.

Well, what to do? Let's just welcome myself to the engineering worldwide!

Thank God there were some girls back then in the office. Some have married, some have not, and some were still in doubt of their own status. Well, at least i dont need to become a gay in two weeks time.

Seriously i need a girlfriend. Or i'll rape my own housemate someday later. Crap.

By the way, how's everything out there? care to tell, friends? kinda miss you all nowadays, especially when i live here at the end of the world, plus out there there were so many foreigners i started to think that im living in Jakarta Barat!