Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Calling All Engineers

When at first i put my foot inside the compound, I talked to myself.

"What in God's heaven and hell is that?"

That big, long metal structure clamped together with scaffoldings and temporary welding striked my personal curiosity. Most of the metals were coloured in yellow previously, probably anti-rust coating. Those pipes of different sizes danced around each other, creating harmonic life digital designs. And there were many sparks and water droplets falling all from high above, making that whole big thing a wonder to a young engineer wannabe like me.

'SEAHAWK TOPSIDE' was written wide and clear on the scaffolding notice board, indicating that i was looking at one of many oil rig construction projects here in Malaysian Marine & Heavy Engineering yard.

I looked at myself and i wonder, am i suitable enough for this? With this new blue jacket and heavy industry long pants, a goggle and a safety harness on my left hand, a safety helmet on my right and a pair of new heavy duty boot? When i looked around there were many people, and 99.88% of them were males, which made me feel so bad i just wanna throw myself into the dry dock.

Well, what to do? Let's just welcome myself to the engineering worldwide!

Thank God there were some girls back then in the office. Some have married, some have not, and some were still in doubt of their own status. Well, at least i dont need to become a gay in two weeks time.

Seriously i need a girlfriend. Or i'll rape my own housemate someday later. Crap.

By the way, how's everything out there? care to tell, friends? kinda miss you all nowadays, especially when i live here at the end of the world, plus out there there were so many foreigners i started to think that im living in Jakarta Barat!


marisa said...

hahahaha....kata ada fiance?


Hani said...

goodluck yerh!

Anonymous said...

seperti bertemu alienkah? :p have a nice day man