Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My First Vendor Meeting

What a great day to meet vendor clients.

I was doing some piping and mechanical instrumentations material take-off when my supervisor came up to me and told me to wear my blue MMHE jacket. I stood up, take my jacket and my document file and started walking towards the meeting room, tailing my supervisor who acted like some big time engineer (well he is one hell of a great man; he knows a lot of piping works and mechanical instruments, both theoretical and practical jobs. Don’t mess with him).

When I saw the door of the meeting room, I was somehow feeling incompetent and distracted. Maybe it was just another experience for a first timer, but what the hell. My supervisor took a look at my face and smiled, only to open the door to let me in.

And there they were, both of them.

Cameron was once a big company, and now it’s enormous. Working with fittings and valves that ranges from 150 pound class up to 5000 pound class, the company promises a lot of highly engineered materials, made from stainless steel up to Duplex type for both high temperature and low temperature use.

The vendor clients, a local and an American, made me feel like a numb nut. They were in suits and stuffs, high-class personnel with glaring watches on their intellectual wrists, while I was in my engineer suit (blue jacket and blue pants, with that bloody heavy safety boots). But thanks a lot to my supervisor, really. When the clients took a funny look (I guess so) at me, he immediately told them that I am a young Piping Engineer currently working here, which then explained why I was walking around in heavy suits and such.

The meeting went smoothly, especially when the vendor who actually came to get our attention, not us calling them to come like usual. Well, business cut low nowadays huh, gentlemen? But anyway they granted me their respect and I was happy about it. Not a very bad try on my first client meeting. And I received my first name card too. Hahaha…great.

This evening I might go for some evening walk around the yard, especially when a massive FPSO tanker had just berthed at the side of our high walls. It turns out to be a good sightseeing spot, so I might take the initiative to climb up the vessel and start shouting at the end of the hull like the other Jack in that romantic-crap movie ‘Titanic’

Bloody Dawson. How the hell you got to know Rose anyway? You make single men like me feel like a loser.

Well at least you died. Serve you right. Hahah.

Where is everyone anyway? Sunyi je page ni..sigh..


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Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

pergh? pergh apo ni?

Sayuti said...

"pergh..." adalah satu cara lain untuk berkata, "wah, hebatnya kerja kau!" dalam bahasa yang lebih subtle.