Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My First Work Cubicle

And as usual i arrive at my workplace, a two-storey high building painted in white, just to see another FPSO ship has anchored near the dock area earlier this morning. The bloody thing is HUGE, and when i say it's huge, i mean it. MISC Petronas LNG ship, so called. Well it means that more work is waiting around the yard area. Long live the heavy duty workers, I must say.

After i punch my attendance card (still the primitive way im using, when other staffs have already started using electronic card system), i turn around to see a couple of lovely blocks of stairs heading to the second floor. Climbing up the stairs is another hard thing for me to do in the morning. Imagine this, you sleep on a piece of cotton mat (or simply 'toto') on the floor the whole night, and being attacked by a battalion of blood-sucking small monsters that make funny sounds in your ears, and you wake up in mofo cold only to realize that your next door neighbour steals your comforter. And usually i will end up with such backpain that it makes me swear the whole miles to the office. And with that backpain, you want me to climb the stairs? Curse you Berkley.

But well, since that i have my own space now, i surely will smile when i see that small blue cubicle of mine. 2 weeks back I was sitting on a dinner table for 6 to do my job, and now i have my own turf. Cool, but there's nothing interesting about the cube-baby anyway; there's a computer on the table that no one in this office knows how to log into its system (which then makes it useless), there's also a metal wirebox where i put my documents, an empty box under the table, my blue mug thats still contain some of the yesterdays nescafe, my black BUM reversible jacket (the office HVAC is bloody cold) lying on my chair, and some crappy books of Offshore Engineers and stuffs like that. Plus my MP3 player that entertains me whenever I start to lose my grip.

But there is one particular thing about my cube; the place makes me feel better at any time. Seriously, dude, no joke. I dont mind doing some overtime until late at night (my record is only until 8.30pm so far, since i was so chickenly frightened by the noise that came from my the pantry in my office) doing stuffs in my beloved cube. Man, I might sound a little bit, whaddya say, girlish? Yeah sure dude, but when it comes to my living space I am very sensitive and particular. Im not choosy so far, since i can live in a jungle like back then when I was still in the army, ONLY when I am happy with my living area.

But yeah whatever. I still love my little blue cubicle.

Enough for now. Dont really have the idea of what to write. My love life has gone sick these days. I only realized it when I started to fall in love with my own cubicle. Damn. Tell u what, gimme some topics and I'll consider to write about it.

Ok, gotta go. Back to my blue cubicle!

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Anonymous said...

opis aku dulu sejuk gile gak (actually bukan opis .. aku keje mcm technician dlm lab je .. wtf). aku siap tiap2 ari bawak sweater. yg aku peliknye, staff2 kat building tu lek je ..