Monday, July 17, 2006

Stories So Good Yo Feel You Wanna Slap Yo Momma part II


I just dont know what the hell is going on with this world.

I was having lunch with my colleagues when suddenly it strikes me from the bottom up, leaving me in disgusting pain and half of my already eaten lunch spreaded nicely like paint on canvas, only that those slimy thing is spreaded nicely on the canteen floor.

But they're all quite literally, actually.

Come to think of it, the differences of age between Siti and Datuk K is reaching up to 20 years. At 27, Siti is to wed a man once married and once divorced and lives with a few kids, and ages 47 years old.

Funny. Very funny.

I dont know who is Datuk K. Never heard of him before. What he does for a living, who he is, his family and his existence seems to be very cloudy in my life before. Not only to me, but to many Malaysians too, i suppose.

The thing is, why Datuk K? Isnt there any available bachelor in this world that is available for marriage? And i doubt that Datuk K is the last handsome man on earth.

Well if money is the matter, well, i guess there are many more young bachelors in this country that owns more money than everybody else.

but yeah. life's stupid. and foolish. and everything seems to be very wrong.

but then, what to do? it's not that i can do anything to prevent every events from happening.

But to me, it's a big loss for Siti, as well to many who did not suspect that she will wed a man that has a few kids and is 47 years old.

what a shame.

p/s: if i ever get Datuk/Tan Sri/Tun, drives in a red Spyder, owns a series of million dollar bungalows, a fit body and modestly handsome, would she marry me?

humble, ordinary man my ass. Malay women will only chase the money, the title and the power. and the men would always be the fuckin' asses without actually realizing it.


Umm Khadeejah said...

i guess u've generalized all Malay women as the same when u say that...well..not evryone is the same.maybe Siti is..i dunno.but thats a sweeping statement.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

yeah..maybe this journey of twenty-one years, almost twenty-two tells the same tale all along.

of many malaysian women, generally we can take them as money-motivated in this years to come.

somehow this reality have to be accepted.

No more Guess, DKNY or FCUK for you, Jaime, if u happen to get married to ..err...lower level class 'rakyat'.

and no one wants to get married with a broke but with kind heart.

and seems like women nowadays are getting into work pretty much. Unbelievable, but an enormous number of single working women growing older days to days keeps on increasing.

what say you?

Umm Khadeejah said...

i agree that i need to marry someone with money..obviously kalo tak nak makan aper..but im not saying that he has to be damn rich.i guess, perhaps i'd rather see it not from the perspective of money but education qualification..ala tak kesah pon nak susah2 same2..adat la mude lagi..dua2 baru nak secure keje..i dont like the idea of kaya tiba2..i like to sama2 build a better life..than we'll appreciate it even more sbb you know you've been thru hell before tasting the heaven ;) hows that..

and..haha trust me i've never dated someone older thn me;p

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

You havent had the environment yet, pretty ones, at least about how hard it is to live on your own.

once you get urself into the working world, it is very hard to survive.

and that's when the idea of marrying someone richer would be the point of target.

yes you can live with someone that earns just enough, but then maybe you can start to forget at least half of your life dreams.

Welcome to the real world, Jaime, the world of love and hatred.

Umm Khadeejah said...

helo wats with you..i watch everyone around me do the thing that i mentioned earlier sis, my bro, my couzin~n i guess they lead a wonderful life jer... seriously u dont have to be so obsessed about money..

tak bwk ke kubur pon.
org2 kaye yg tak biase hidup susah jer yg tanak susah langsung.for me im not that rich pon haha!

well im in the real least for me..

[blindheart] said...

y bother jack... she ain't even a college dropout... owhs... hye jamie :p... obviously i wud agree 2 b taken into money... not all of me tho... money bole je bawak ke kubur... the goodness from money of kos... 1 of da 3 things... sedekah...

2 survive in da working world... i'd say it'd took more than money... so we don't hv 2 b obsessd with money aite?

but i hafta agree 2 jack on 1 thing tho... seeing others around u do things well doesn't simply mean u cn do it well 2... jus 1 simple example... cn u raise ur kids as gud as ur parents raisd u? we neva kno until we try aite?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

"Dasar budak tak habis sekolah," said one of a colleague in MMHE yesterday.

Far beyond this point, no one can expect how important money is in one's life. Taking myself into account, i finally realize that it is hard to live alone oly with my salary.

Everyone expects to get more once they get into the working life. Engineer for instance earns around RM 2200 as per starting, but you can never imagine how much is left once it reaches the end of the month.

"Sekarang seringgit makan sorang, lepas kahwin seringgit makan berdua," said another friend of mine.

A lot of things to ponder about. Duit makan, duit barang dapur, duit sewa rumah, duit minyak kereta, duit kasi kat bini, duit kasi kat mak ayah, dan banyak lagi.

Wouldnt it be hard for a couple that earns hardly RM 3K per month to live together? It would, and it would be harder if the husband/wife is the type who cant really control the money flow.

I have the ambition to give my family a good living, and i know apart from my own handlings, money would help a lot.

I did not say that women are all the same, regarding the facts that many of them want rich men to become their husband.

but would it be too obvious if im driving a black SLK 500 Kompressor in black suit set and yet to attract many chicks just by flashing the side of the ride?

3 things that complete a man:

1. All the power above any other men
2. All the pleasure that money can buy
3. A fine woman (or more...whatever!) that be his only angel and demon in life.


Sayuti said...

haha, jack jeles.

mEsoL said...

21 ogos..hari bahagia buat siti..atau hari mengingati alQuds?

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

entah. yang penting hari itu adalah 'big day for siti, funeral to many'.

dah usha gambar anak datuk k? bagus cara siti menilai. memang betul budak tak habis belajar bak kata kakak opis aku yang laser tahap mmuaahh punya