Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello, Yard. Part 1

So, how does it feels when you need to be someone in the frontline engineering? What do you see everyday? How's work anyway?

Things like these always pop up everytime I meet a friend or just strangers out there. They'll ask a lot in curiosity, but since that I have promised some that I will post the pictures of MMHE fabrication yard inside here, so here they are. Enjoy.

This picture up here shows a ship and some parts of Singapore, visible across the thick fog from fabrication yard no. 1

The picture on the right is the lifting operation for an external turret mooring system for FPSO vessel. As you can see, the bright yellow lights are located at the boom of a 1600 mectric tonne capacity barge crane. One of the largest in Southeast Asia.

My favourite place to hang out. The dry dock. And there is my favourite vessel, the FPSO Kikeh, ripped open to give some space for the installation of the external turret.

I always come here to hang out in the evening, usually during the sunset. You can see the whole sun sets behind shorelines of Singapore, and it's damn beautiful, for real.

Can you see the water inside there? That's when the dock is filled full with seawater.

I wanted to post more but the fcuking bloggers cant load anymore of my pictures. Blast!

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