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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello, Yard. Part 2

So today we're gonna talk about topsides and jacket today. Oil and gas engineers keep on saying 'topsides' and 'jackets' these days, while most of us just imagining of what 'topsides' and 'jackets' could be. Parts of woman body? Maybe, but not close enough.

Topside is actually a structure that was built to house a lot of equipments on sea. Easy word, platform. Like this guy down here, still under constuction in the yard, is supposed to pump out natural gases, extract them and process them until they're parted into different categories.

Here we can see the pedestal cranes, which are attached together with the platform to ease material handlings at sea. Painted in yellow all over to make sure no chicken-eyed boat captain drives through the platform at night.

The helideck, where the chopper lands, bringing the whole new crew to be slaughtered and cooked in diesel fuel with sludge and a bit of crude. Yummy.

Same thing, only that the picture is taken at a different aerial view.

Talking about jacket, here we have the truss spar. This spar, the largest structure ever built in MMHE is to provide support for the topside as shown before. The topside will be placed on top of the spar when the whole spar is erected vertically. Cool huh? See those men down there? Sure you can imagine how big the spar is.

Made by ordinary carbon steel, weighted almost 40,000 metric tonne.

This part is the bottom of the spar, to be located at the sea bottom. a brilliant approach to deepwater drilling.

Those white things inside the picture is the chain anchor support roller. If the rollers are that big, i just cant imagine how big the chains are gonna be. Pretty bbig stuffs, huh?


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