Friday, September 22, 2006

Hello, Yard Part 3

Myself, during anight operation to clear out the crude tank inside the Bunga Kelana 4. God the smell of the crude was disgusting. But that's the smell of black gold anyway. Smell of monayyy...

MISC's Bunga Kelana 4, a crude oil tanker that came to the yard recently to undergo massive repair due to its damage on the outside layer of the wall. This guy was huge man, seriously.

Those are the anchor chain and the anchor itself, lying on the ground for extensive blasting, coating and repaint job.

Ha ha ha...this picture was when I went down to take a look at the ship's propeller with another two engineers. Kudos to one of the senior engineer that snapped this picture. I was the one in blue at the center.

Night's out after a hard day work. Myself in front of the International Restaurant, Danga Bay. hell the food was good and the environment was marvellous.

Dad's garden at the back of our house. There he is, sitting at his usual sopt, doing some underground stuffs. Total Classified. Hell of a garden, more to a nursery. Green man after all.

Dad's collection of small herbs and greens. By the way, ignore the date on the photo. My bad for resetting the camera's memory without resetting it back.

Engineer's back in town =p Big feast in the house. Seen in the picture were the Don, the two of the grande ladies in chocolate scarf, and two young ones trying to coop with the Don's eating pace. And there was my brother at the back, trying to sneak into the picture no matter how. And the girl in black try to serve the family best before becoming one of the member. Weird, but good try anyway.


Anonymous said...

oi update la oi..didn't think that i read this thing kan??oh and i heard some wedding bells ringing soon??oh come on tell me laa dude~

Miss Aini said...

owh, i found another blog, belongs to an engineering student. mmg dak2 engine words die sket, pastuh byk gambar ek?