Monday, October 13, 2008


It has been quite surprising to me when it comes to caring a patient.

She fell sick today out of a sudden and I couldn't help but to take all the precautions and initializing methods to healing a viral fever and flu.

235 sheets of laboratory reports to be marked and keyed-in are not something I do fancy to finish in a short while, but work is work and one after another I had to finish them by tonight. She insisted to accompany despite my resistance, and so she did.

But nothing could really tremble a man's heart than to see his loved ones being strictly unhealthy. Beneath three layers of cloth she was still shivering, and still sitting toughly and patiently as i marked them reports. Seeing her in such condition hurt me quite a bit; with crooked eyebrows and running nose she looked as if she's a melting snowman. Wise thing to do is to bring her home, far from those freezing breeze of cold night and flying insects under the neon lights.

"Not until you finish marking." Fine.

She sat next to me, sleepy as ever, keeping on bumping onto my arm every time she leaped as her sleepiness took over. But I was not even half way done yet. Looking into her tired eyes and gleaming sweet cherry lips as she hovered around trying to find a place to land her heavy head, I took the court; a lap to lay her head on. And she did not hesitate.

Hours went passed as I was finishing the reports until eventually I ended up at the last one. Upon completion i took a glance into her face beneath the weak lighting just to realize how peaceful she looked when she's asleep.

Resting brows and tight lips; she looked like a baby. And deep inside I felt warm. I felt the cheers. I felt peaceful too.

I completed the last report and then slowly i rested my head against the wood bench, so slow and careful in order not to wake her up. I moved some of her hair that covered her face, and i enjoyed what was right in front of me; a lovely view i could never really see everyday. I put a hand slowly on her forehead and I could feel how warm her head was; the fever was still at large but at least the temperature had gone drastically low enough to indicate that she was recovering.

Time seemed to freeze. It was as if a very long dream to end.

I didn't notice when she opened her eyes. She lifted her hand with all effort and held mine in it, and she kissed it slowly. Her eyes looked tired, but I know those glances meant something. As if they go harmonically, she closed her eyes shut and curved a slight smile on her dry lips, lifting those rosy cheeks. It did not stay long until she fell asleep again.

I felt peaceful. I felt love. And gawd, I felt relieved.

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