Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friends in Definition. My definition.

Everyone has friends, or at least they claim to. Myself included, but I don't have any more than ten real good ones. However, these people deserve a little respect and appreciation from me for showing their best to fit into my life. This post is an ode to a number of my best friends.

What do i define by friends are these:

1. We go bang balls together. We go Ipoh together. Whistle at the babes, smoke like a Volvo, share a single cup of coffee at either Starbucks or The Coffee Bean for hours, go to classes together. Escape class together. Do shits together. Get shits together.

2. We cry together too. Best friends usually wont ask you to calm down when you're sad or whatever. Instead they will just sit down next to you listening (or at least pretending to) to all blabbers you need to let go, and in the end will say, "lets get pissed and watch porn," or "wanna go somewhere and whack somebody?" or "let's fag until we fart smokes and piss tar." Things like that. They wont settle your problems of course, but they will always make you smile after a hard day.

3. We stick no matter what. Yeah we fight too sometimes. We will throw things, swear at each other, scream the shit out of each throat and curses like nobody's business. And then we split. After a few hours we will meet again and one of us will say, "f*ck you," while the other one replies, "yeah f*ck you too." and then we laugh and we're back on track again.

4. They stay. No matter how shitty you are, they'll stay with you. They respect you as you respect them. Those who choose friends will only accept the good things in their friends and leave when things get rough. But true friends will accept whatever that you have good or bad.

5. They protect. When you need one, of course.

Well. It has been six years being here and there are a lot of people whom I have met. People who call themselves friends but talked bad behind me. People who call themselves friends for the sake of my damn car. People who call themselves friends but in the end they leave for selfish reasons. People who call themselves friends but were the enemy themselves.

Only a few stayed, and still. And this particular few, are rated as the people who have reached the highest achievable position in my life, no longer known as friends, but brothers.

Thank you so much, and God bless you all. Amen

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