Monday, November 24, 2008

On Feminist Male

Let's talk about 'lelaki lembut'.

I purposely remind everyone here to be careful with your own judgment and thoughts, and even worst your mouths. If you think that you are apprehended to take the precautions, then you're fine. But if you choose to damn these sets of people because they dont fit into your criteria of community, then you're fine too. No problem. It's fine because it is you.

Baby is like a white sheet yet to be painted. My simple way of understanding these kain putih, lakar whatsoever thing is this:

1. we were borned naked clean from anything. like a clean sheet, true?

2. some say we are the one who paint our own canvas, true?

3. but some people say that parents ought to paint the kids canvas too, true?

so my questions:

Why the hell the parent did not do anything to straighten things up when the kids are still at their early years? Yes parent paint their kids canvas. Get real la, don't tell me all you've got today has nothing to do with your parents.

And yes, before you start pumping all your hatred towards these people, let me ask you a very simple question; what if it happens to your family members? would you defy them the way you did here? do you put an entire damnation towards them because you hate them the way you hate here?

or just another typing day; easily sled away from the keyboard and "hey! it's okay"? Bah.

Same like them too. It is them. Fine we choose to tell them that it is not right. And then what? We smash them? Throw bricks at them? Go barbaric like people in those movie where a lady was kicked and smashed to death by a couple of guys just because she embarrassed the family?

The subject concerns UTP, based on my prior justification of observation made by me myself and pretty much everybody else. So, anybody have seen any guy in lady clothes around? I know I did. To some of you maybe 'Gang Gay-B' rings a few bells. Roaming around 2003 to 2005 if I am not mistaken. They wear those girls clothing. But what did we do to them? We tell them, and that's it.

What do you expect? Beat them up? Or you know, be a Malay hero and scream the crap at them while your so called supporters 'datang meneman dan bersorak' behind you? Well that's only when you're with your group. What if you were alone? Will you stand up by yourself against this people? What if you have a family member that is 'lembut' whatsoever, would you stand up to them and tell what you're telling me today?

Would you read the Quran verses to them? The hadith? Would you attend them and advice them? how do you make them understand the verses? make them accept the understanding? how to manipulate their thinking? You cant obviously expect them to think brilliantly like you (this you here, means generally speaking, ok?) are; remembering verses, memorising hadith, being a good muslim, tick tock prejudice whatsoever, macho man, sinthetical thinker etc.

Being feminine is always natural. They have extra progesterone and estrogen in their male bodies that superseeds the testosterone. How is not natural is that? Can you prove to me that if i feed you with diabolical estrogen pills for a week plus, and still you can maintain being masculine? there is an explanation why they are becoming that way. look at their faces; less facial hair. look at their breasts; slightly a set of showing nips n boobies. look at their skin complexion; clear n fair. so what does all this? estrogen. they have excess estrogen. my solution? pump them with IV testosterone and they'll do fine.

But then this country have laws. So why do we bother to enforce them by ourselves to the extreme proximity? Let the ones who have the job do it. I mean hey, we're here for a reason. We're not that brilliant in engineering either. So focus one thing at a time.

They have something wrong in their bodies for God's sake. The adrenal glands, thalamus, thyroid glands - these glands secrete one too much feminine hormone that changes the male representative in one into that of a females'. This system has to be critically understood before just saying that there is no longer any way to change these 'confused' gender into its real place.

I tell this here because i want to really see how far you can go against these people. How strong are you according to your words, or are you just another limp who writes like a bloody-f dabel star king big time journalist but in real life you're nothing but a poser. Im not saying you tho. You're not a poser arent you?


Merissa K. said...

i say, just let them be.

takde masalah pun if they wanna stay the way they are.

at least i dont have a problem with it lah. tak tahu lah org lain.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

perfectly my point was. it's hard when everyone wants to play God, you see.