Monday, November 24, 2008

Recapping Up

Of current works, CGPA and other reminiscences

Been some time since I last updated this very page of mine.

ETP ended yesterday, well at least on the presentation parts, even though there are still five groups or such that still await their turn to present due to some complication that happened yesterday. Saw some faces i knew yesterday but I didn't have the time to catch up for a chat or two, and I am sorry for that. Running up and down circling block 16 to 17 to 18 and back again was not something I am practically able to do. Have to patch up some of my belly parts, I guess.

After this, it will be all just another day of documents housekeeping. Which is boring, very, of course. OBE results, ETP marks, et cetera. There has been some offers to assist the FYP committee, and I think I might grab the opportunity since I have nothing to do at the moment. The gasifier design is ready, and all I need to do is to prepare some write-ups for the next year National Symposium, end-of-year seminar, publish some papers and wait for graduation. My, only if my degree can be done this fast before.

Looking forward to PhD, well I could have sworn that I can be quite optimistic. Maybe, maybe not - still I am thinking over it. The offer is good, but since the energy industry booms at the least expected rate, i think I could spare some time doing my GA before i accept the offers i recently got from the working field. The offer is tremendously good. So they say, when you have a master qualification, nobody really care about the CGPA anymore.

Looking back at time, I was just among the average students. Nothing great about the number that represents my academic capability. In fact, I do not give much attention to it. Probably because I have my attentions at other things, especially that laser particle counter they tried so bad to hide in one of the USM blocks. And that bloody big incinerator that eats like a monster, turning goods into ash in the matter of minutes under extreme heat combustion process. And that bloody pool of water so deep that the rumor says if it collapses the whole underground concourse area of Chancellory Building will be flooded.


That's why i followed on my instinct to get into research. To help mankind. To invent something so that our lives can be a little bit easier. To improve the world for a better tomorrow. And I have proved it. I have proved that we can generate daily electricity and even run an engine, using only agricultural residues. Ever think of running your car using a bunch of burning leaves, sticks, branches and logs? Hey we can challenge the hydrocarbon nowadays, man. And that's pretty powerful.

It is not always quality that we always lived on. There are always qualities in everything. To some, a bank robber possesses the least quality of humanity we could find in him, but to other small time robbers, that bank job guy really have balls to do it. A very high quality robber he is, then. See how perspective does its job?

But yes, to me CGPA is nothing abut a set of decimals that convey the positive message as long as it gains its value close to maximum. Hell my grandfather and my dad was the architects, the engineers, the construction labors, the piping man, the electricians, the gardeners, the painters, the contractors and pretty much everything else when they built that house in Kampung Datuk Keramat, where I used to throw stones at Muhaimin (and I pretty much always saw CERBERUS too) when they walked the road along the neighborhood. And surprisingly up until today the house stands still; the foundation never collapse; the piping works never fail; the roof never flew off.

Both of them have no CGPA. Only some slapping from torturous life that made them wiser over time.

So, frankly speaking, don't feel bad if them the bad people call you stupid or underrate your academical performance. There must be something special in you, which you yourselves have to find and work on, that will make you different from other people. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING. Those with low CGPA, don't feel bad. Those who haven't got to hear any internship offer from companies because of having low CGPA, don't feel bad. Those who have difficulties graduating because you need to complete your hours as stated to fulfill your low CGPA, don't feel bad. Those who graduated but still with no job to begin with because of low CGPA, don't feel bad.

Don't feel bad at all.

Because in life you can always do something else. I am one of the living example. So do you still want to brag about CGPA after all, you smart guy with thick spec, bad hairdo, no girlfriend, no taste of culture, immature and with nothing else but a set of number to be proud of?

Frankly speaking, think again.

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