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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Remember Timmy G.?

You can find Timmy G. here.

Suren woke me up this morning. In a hurry he was, and he had me hurried as well, putting on my pants and shirt while he waited outside. I took my phone and keys before I locked the door to join him at the end of the apartment railing, hoping to know about what the hell was going on. As we hurried towards the car park, he told me about it.

"Tim's granddad passed away."


* * *

Timmy G. lived his early childhood until this day with his grandparents, and it was his grandparents who educated the guy with such good manners, intelligence and many other criteria one could point out from a gentleman.

He strove his life and career with guidance from his granddad who was a chemist and a highly educated man. To him, his granddad was always his idol, and even to date he always talk highly about his granddad.

Such a loss.

Condolences from and to The Mutton Curry Gang.

* * *

Timmy was in the car already, waiting for me to drive both of them to Taman Maju's bus station. Calm as clouds, he did not show any emotion at all. Probably not at that time.

I said hi and morning and all formality needs, we moved out from UTP. Things were quiet but we talked in order not to get the awkward emotion got to us.

And soon after, they took off for the funeral scheduled at 1.00pm and the cremation at 4.00pm.

Well, to die out of a fever at the age of 86 doesn't sound bad at all, does it?

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