Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monthly Reads

People often come to me and ask, "How do you gather so much knowledge?"

And my answer, always, would be, "I read."

Aku tau-lah kau baca. Masalahnya kau baca apa. Suratkhabar ke kitab ke kamus ke, spesifik-lah sikit!


Let's blame it on my mom who constantly supply me with endless reading materials; books, magazines, bulletins etc. and my dad who just can't stop reading his newspapers, and this has been going on for almost 24 years now.

My dad fancies documentary shows they usually run in the television network, and he rarely miss his 1.30pm and 8.00pm prime news on TV3 every day. And nobody touches the remote control until the news end, or somebody is going to get hurt real bad.

"Sape tekan remote tu? Baik letak balik. Berita tak habis lagi ni."

When I was a kid, I will usually shared the couch with my dad to watch National Geographic Special on TV3 every Monday night at 9.00pm (we did not have MegaTV at that time - too pricey for us middle class family), and now the trend went on until TV3 discontinued the show years ago. And then we had nothing else to watch anymore.

Thanks to my mom for her obsession over AF3, she finally bought an Astro unit and we started to receive various satellite transmissions mainly on family entertainment. Dad was a bit disturbed (he does not like to spend on entertainment) at that time, and he was a bit off the edge when taking the fact that my mom signed up for the service just to watch our famous bald preacher-turns-entertainer who made his way up to fame in AF3.

Punca keluarga kami terjebak kepada pembelian Astro

One day he accidentally found Discovery Channel in the television network. And National Geographic. And Animal Planet.

That's how the receiver unit still exists in our small house up until today. My dad even upgraded the unit into the latest one to ensure long, uninterrupted service. Now he still enjoys watching the same channels I mentioned above, but now History Channel and some other documentary networks were also in his favorite list.

And this tradition of family education runs and inherited by his sons.


Since I entered UTP I did not watch that much. I just happen to read a lot.

UTP Library offers a lot of materials, engineering and non-engineering. That is why I usually spend my days there to read, apart from the air-conditioned surrounding.

But most of all my knowledge comes from magazines. I prefer physical books than the digital ones because I can make handwritten notes or put a mark on the page easily. Plus, I can read in the toilet with two or three magazines in a go.

Here are the magazines I usually buy monthly:

Digital Camera Magazine - DCM

Well I'm a small-time photographer, and this magazine offers some adequate information on digital photography. Various topics of photography are discussed including DIY projects, professional portfolios and latest gadget reviews.

Price: MYR9.00

National Geographic Magazine

Superbly compacted with tons of interesting facts mainly in geographical science and photojournalism. One of the most elegantly celebrated magazine in the whole world since year 1888 to present days, specially documented by National Geographic Society.

Price: MYR 145 per year subscription + membership


A local magazine that discuss mainly on current political and social issues regarding the multi-ethnic Malaysian. Usually features famous political celebrities, on many critical and sometime controversial issues in Malaysia political scene.

Price: MYR 5.00

Men's Health

On health, obviously. A lot of information on exercise, relationship, career development, health management, fashion and latest gadget for man. Also included interviews with celebrities and some women in fairly sexy and attractive dressings.

Price: MYR 10.00

Off The Edge

Quite an intellectual reading, actually. The articles were sometime quite provoking. It discusses politic, social problems, arts, youths, world issues and the like. Hishamuddin Rais and Patrick Teoh both have their column in the magazine. Really, really off the edge.

Price: MYR 6.00

For Him Magazine - FHM

Yes, they feature a number of good articles like Men's Health does, but less the health crap. And more women. Features include hot celebrities, new cars, fashion, gadgets, jokes and interviews with artists.

Price: MYR 10.00

These books are worth the penny. Hope some of you will look forward to buy these kinds of magazines apart from comics and Hot Celebrities/URTV/Mangga/wtf-else entertainment magazines. Happy reading! :D

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