Monday, December 01, 2008

Period Pain

"Not tonight, honey. Not tonight."

Eventually men feel it too.

Premenstrual Syndrome or simply PMS is always the better explanation when it comes to describing why a woman snaps at times, even when medically speaking she is not having her menses. This term has been so common that when a woman snaps out of nowhere, we tend to say that she's having her monthly bloodbath that explains her lack of patience, roller-coasting mood swings, frequent loss of anger and having the needs to being extremely emotional on even small stuffs.

"You see, ma'am, that's why we restricted you from going into the pool because you are having your menses but ohhh well somebody wanted to play the alpha dog."

The bad thing is, not only this PMS affects the host (the owner of the vagina, of course) but also everything around her; people, animal, plants, even objects. Often we see mad women scream at people, throw things around, getting dramatic (all listed are of the extremes) when they are having their menses, not to mention those who become extremely emotional and get to be easily touched by even the slightest motion wind does on falling leaves, or get to sulk when is told something that offense them.

"What did you call me? Fat what? FAT WHAT!? Come 'ere you!!"
"OMG WTF Helllpppppppp...!!"

Lets talk about boyfriends and husbands here. How many of you have never, ever been pissed over your spouses who pissed you off sometimes ago during their menses, on the account of PMS to be blamed? Don't tell me otherwise now, because I am sure once or twice or many times you have lost your temper because your girls became terribly childish, irrational, superbly emotional and etc.

When you shut up, she wants you to talk. When yo do, she tells you to shut up. When you sit on the couch, she calls you lazy potato. When you do things, she says you ignore them too much. You cuddle with her, she tells you to buzz off. When you cuddle with the cat, she asks you to marry the cat instead.

And usually you guys will end up in a fight.

Upon hearing that Grandpa Muthu refused to take out the garbage,
Grandma gets really pissed.

Strangely enough, you women oftentimes get away with it. And we men tend to forgive. Okay fine, at least some do. Because we learn to understand and to accept. So please be thankful for that, because to serve you and to attend you during your menses, to some of us is quite a terrifying experience. Worst, it repeats itself every twenty-five to thirty days.

To all men, patience is the key. And never fight back. You will either lose, or she loses and you will lose her. Either way we do not win. And don't get depressed or anything. Remember, she has precisely seven to ten days max to be legibly depressed in a month, the "I'm having my PMS" kind of thing. And that leaves you twenty days to rule the ground.

But during the said ten days, she rules. So take precautions, men!

"Ye be warned, boys."


It4Ch1 said...

tahan ja telinga terbakar kena leter.nanti da baik PMS nnt sure tak ingat apa yang dia leter. se-ten-ded.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

haha. se-tu-ju

hanis said...

salam mu tlah ku sampai kan...