Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspiration: How I See It

Recently I posted an entry with the title 'Selamat Tinggal Dunia'. Those who have seen it but cannot recall, it was the post with a suicidal Elmo picture. Yes, yes, the red fluffy thing hung by a rope at its neck.

Those who followed my other blog which is my Friendster Blog may recall that I once posted the same entry long ago, precisely sometime in 2004. It was a picture with dark background, enchanted with various sizes of talk bubbles saying this and that, wanting me to attend to them at once. At the middle of the picture is a teddy bear holding a razorblade, with its head detached from the body. Basically it committed suicide due to the extension of building pressure. It could not take it anymore.

Two different posts, same message.

But there was this one lady who came to me saying that I copied the art. This refers to the Elmo post, minus the Elmo. Yes, I admitted that I was inspired with her entry, hence the posting I did in my own blog. I could not find the post I did before in my Friendster Blog because I once deleted the blog and started over again without saving the entries.

She contacted me with warm greetings and everything, and she mentioned about the post. I admitted and I said sorry, which then resulted into a solution - "Lets turn this into a start of a friendship," she said. I insisted to remove the blog entry because as an engineer we were all thought about work ethics in very detail. And of course plagiarism is not an acceptable mistake.

"It's okay. Leave it there. Just credit it to me," she replied. And I did.

* * *

I woke up this morning to see that she posted an entry with a title that shocked me. I might be brutal-looking and I did a lot of shits already and all but I would never put an omen onto somebody, a curse of killing (even when I don't mean to kill them). Especially over a post.

I feel upset and discontented. I have been with copyright issues even more terrible than this. My photographs were used over the internet without permission, even my style of photography was copied directly without me knowing. My poems and short stories were taken and republished without any credits to me.

But I never actually went all upside down. In fact I was happy because I know that people out there is appreciating my work. I inspire them.

Probably we are just as different.

* * *

To you who I have had wronged;

I am sorry for using the concept you created. I am pretty sure I have lost you a million dollar contract with Prentice Hall book producers already. Or probably your seat next to John Grisham over the New York bestsellers award.

Maybe you forget why you do not receive as much. Maybe you forget that you do not give as much. Maybe you forget that is why.

I followed you blog because you are a good writer. But too bad I did not know the character.

Anyway Between Dirty Greasy Hands and Clean White Coats is a short story I wrote back then during my final year. It is nothing related to anybody here, especially you. You can have the URL of the original post here: Friendster Blog

Now let's quit the drama and move on. Next post would be the second episode.

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