Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Put It This Way

Whoever who sent me messages using Yahoo Messenger at any time yesterday and today, my apologies if you did not receive any reply from me.

As usual UTP internet connection was, and still, saddening. Very, very disappointing to know that the state of the network still owns its bad reputation despite every effort to maintain and improvise the system into something remarkable and worth an appraisal or two.

As for Farah, I did send you lines of replies, only to be greeted later by the famous 'you are no longer connected to the network' notification. So I am so sorry for that, really.

Add me at Gtalk instead alright, people?

1 comment:

IRA said...

wahhhh bznye mighty jacksparrow!haahha kalo tak bz buat tag kat my blog eh..kalo bz tkyah la heheehe! tata!