Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fesco Photography Assignment: The Changing Room

I covered this assignment in the Green Room located at the basement level of the Chancellor Hall where the UTP Performing Art Group Contingent was having their preparation ready for the event. There were two of us photographer, covering the activities in the Green Room from 4.00pm till 7.30pm on February the 14th 2009.

The preparation covered the makeup and costumes set up.

Almost two hundred pictures were taken, and here are some of the moments managed to be captured from my 18-200mm Nikkor VR Lens powered by Nikon D50.

Applying colors on dancer's face, enhancing an already a beauty.

Male dancer with his head apparel.

Preparing the hair with extreme care.

The makeup artist on duty at all seriousness.

Fresh layer of makeup still evidently visible on this female dancer's face while waiting turns for further makeup application.

Male dancer on makeover work.

Full with confidence.

Body accessories lining up waiting to be applied on dancer's main clothing.

Main clothing being set on with the help of UTP dance choreographer.


miss eLyA =) said...

OMG i love that guys's hair!!!!

the one that u said with confidence tu..

hoho cute.

i think his name is hakim or somthing

hello hakim =)

Fazly Mshis said...

aah that's hakim. i answer diz 4 you elya haha

eh bro upload la lg gambar byk2. sume cantik2 sei :D

W. Suhailaliza W. M. H. said...


keep up the good work bro!

so impressive lah! =D