Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sailing Off

Dear family, friends, fans and foes;

It has been some time since I last updated.

My apologies. It was not that I did not have anything to write about. It was just that I had just one too many things to tell to even fit this small page of mine. Too many things happened, too many things in mind, too many underlying stories over every fact, and too many grudges over small simple things.

Too many heartbreaks. And no I am not being a woman. Men too, do have heartbreaks - it is just that whether they hold it back or the set them flaming. Either way, however, will still be as destroying.

Everyone knows that sometimes we just need to take a break before we get to break apart.

Dead branches, they allow new ones to grow. Old, dead places allows development to take place. Retiring officers get replacements. And it seems that, the plain old me needs a replacement as well.

I need a break. Not a long one, probably only just for a week. I hope it is sufficient enough to put the pieces in me back together to keep me going again. I will leave for a while, and lets just hope that when I get back I'd still remember about this blog.

I used to be this straight-chested, cold-hearted, with strong will but sometimes arrogant, always in control, oftenly brutal with tremendous words of ideas, all the time on the speeding lane and never was such a pussy. I guess there was something in the way that changed me into one, which I am clearly trying to avoid from becoming. And it must be really something that could overpower me, driving me away from the road to my destination, halting me in this deserted place in the middle of nowhere.

Many people came to me and asked me for directions, advices. Some asked for solutions. Some asked for reasoning over things that happened to them. Well everyone seeks the light, don't they now? Everyone wants answers, enlightenment, the truth that matters. Because everyone is in doubt. They're in misery, in complete confusion.

But for now I need to excuse myself, for that I need to seek the light for my own.

I knew I was right about everything. See what happened now. It was exactly in my line of thoughts and predictions which I did weeks before. Tell me on my face where I got it wrong, if any of course. How does one explain some things like this? This is no coincidence. This is what experience and age have thought me so far. So tell me why do you still call me wrong? Isn't it too late now to listen to me? But you don't listen. You just don't listen.

You just never listen.

Am going away now so you guys take care,
I will be with you soon so just hold on there,
It won't take long that I promise you,
Mending myself healing myself I just need to do,

So wait for the day when I'll be back,
Forgive me for all my sins and all I did slack,
Wish me well and wish me luck,
(Wait, what rhymes with last word there?)
ahh what the hell like I give a fuck.

Bye people.


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cik jaa said...

take care!!

Merissa K. said...

huhu. saya tak berapa nak faham bila kamu vague mcm ni. ahaha