Tuesday, March 03, 2009

They don't call me Jack for nothing.

Can't read my
Can't read my
No they can't read my poker face
(they've got me like nobody)

* * *

Take a flip of a coin and try to guess,
which part of it will tell you best,
of all you know about this one guy you craze,
the guy you know he has a poker face,

At once he attracts you and then he leaves,
Like most Adams did to just most of Eves,
take a bow now that the show's over,
the tense gets high now you're a living cadaver,

Be careful now for you might fall apart,
for this particular guy who plays you his card,
you'll fall for it you'll fall so deep,
you'll get away so far than you could keep,

Don't give it a chance darling for you might lose your guard,
he's the type who targets a fortune on a single dart,
and if you wonder why this man's quite an ace,
you've gotta tell yourself that,
"God damn. He's just not an average poker face."

Jacksparrow, "Temperamental", Dec 2008, Poetic Ltd.(C)