Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Anger

"Husband comes home from work and finds fault with wife, who answers impudently, or wife may make make the first move by being impudent, where upon husband finds fault. Their voices rise, and the clash becomes more acute. There are three possibilities: (a) husband retires to the bedroom and slams the door; (b) wife retires to the bedroom and slams the door; (c) both retires to each respective rooms and slams the door. In any case, the end of a game up 'Uproar' is marked by a slamming door."

Oftenly enough we lost our temper on things at times, from the smallest to the greatest on the scale. And every time we did, we became this selfish, self-centered persona surrounded with cyclones of hell fire, ready to strike. Out of a sudden, we got to be so in control in losing our own control.

And then we realized after some time, usually when we cooled down, that we were such monsters back then. And then we promised ourselves not to lose temper that way anymore, for monsters scare even the eldest. We told ourselves that we will not repeat such demeaning acts, and we crossed our fingers on trying to control our anger.

After few days, we became that monsters again.

"Ehmagawd I'm so damn sorry of what I said to you earlier dude..!"

* * *
I have called losing tempers at times are human - we just lose it. It is not always in agreement with me and some certain others that some people may have been able to hold their anger back, and get away with it. I find the fact somewhat misleading.

Human might have the strong will to be able to hold their anger back, but to see it in a clearer perspective we might visualize this like damming the water - holding back the water behind some sort of wall where the only way out are either through a controlled channel, or over-spilling, or worst, the dam collapses. Either way, the anger breaks lose.

Over management, one may be able to somehow control their anger, no doubt about it. But to me anger is an energy - you cannot just destroy it. Either you convert it, or use it as it is.

The necessity to perfectly dam the raging anger varies among the people. Some may be able to come out with such superdam where the water (I replace anger with water for imagination-friendly purposes) is geniusly channeled out, the case over-spill is close to impossible, and destruction of the dam is never going to happen. But there are also some who have dams like beaver's: made from branches and sticks with poor channelings, cause frequent over-spill and collapse when the water level rises only for a few inches.

It is really up to you to decide how do you want to build your dam.

But bear in mind - big dams, when they collapse, they flood not only the villages below it, but the whole nation.

....and here we go again Bob. What is it this time?

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