Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chemistry Between Us

There could be times where joyful things just roll into your pocket unexpectedly.

Today I had my last session with the students from the Foundation Program after being with them for almost 7 weeks.

Among the alkyls and halides, I taught them basic chemistry - both physical and organic chemistry - and I made them to understand certain concepts in science though it may not be as subtle as it should be/get, nor I actually equipped them with sufficient information regarding the subject. But I did my best, my colleagues did theirs and there we were at the end of the journey where our students part from us for more challenging world of academics to come.

And there is nothing else that could defeat the joy I had when I finally commenced the closing end for Chemistry II laboratory session of class January 2009 semester, when most of the students came forward to my table and offered their hands with smiles in their faces. How gladful I was when they thanked me for all I had given them, be it academically related or not.

The mixed feelings of joy and sadness somewhat somehow forced me into writing this as a step to reminisce the time I had with them students. It is not easy to letting go of the people whom you have taken care of for quite some length of time with all the carings that you can give, providing them with ample spirits and knowledge of academics and whatnots, whom in the end have to leave in order for them to level up one step to their self maturity.

I will have to stay to teach Chemistry II for the next batch to come.

And I know some of them will read this thing up, so I decided to leave them a short message.

Dear Students, I am glad that most of you find my class interesting, and I am glad that you all got through the laboratory sessions still in one piece each. I forgive all of your wrongdoings, and may you forgive me for my lack of sensitivity and my usual angst during the time I was teaching, for that my being mad was to only ensure that you people grow up with knowledge studded to your brain forever and not just stapled for only a couple of days. It was fun to see how you people growing up and improving each day we met, and I could never feel any better than to see you completed the syllabus in time, successfully. There will be more coming your way, and as we both know our formal education session has just ended. But never in intend to stop teaching and guiding you on things, should you need me to. My door is always open, and every foot stepping in will be entertained. We could even go to mamak sometimes, see?

I hope I would not forget your faces like the way you wouldn't forgetting mine. Do say hi whenever we bump into each other one day, for that my memory isn't that good anymore. I was always bad with faces.
I wish you luck and I wish you well. May God be with you in your every pace, and may success be showered upon you from now on. Thank you for attending my sessions, and thank you for enjoying every bit of it. In all seriousness, thank you very much.

And crap I'm gonna miss the hell out of you guys.

* * *

'The Early Days'
- The now-empty laboratory where I used to undergo my Chemistry II Laboratory sessions back in 2003.

'Sealed Memories'
- Just like everyone else, we box in our memories in our hearts, and we seal it with time.


Isabel said...

yea, ur like the best lad demo we ever had. fun and cool... seriously... dont worry, will never forget ya. haha...
good luck to u in everything that you do and see ya in v2 ei??? lol...

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

haha..sure sure, isabel. thanks!