Friday, May 29, 2009

Days Off, Now.


It is within my concern to inform you that while the world rotates on its axis and I having the option to stay static on my chair looking blindly into the flat LCD monitor for the rest of the weekend to come, I will be going back to my hometown sometime in the evening tomorrow due to imminent personal errands from which I never want to procrastinate for anytime longer than now.

Therefore I would like to inform that even though the world is spider-webbed with internet accesses these days from any end, I may not be able to access my blog for a new 'what's up' for as explained schedule ahead of me.

So please allow me to be away for a while until the day I return to fascinate and entertain you with my more and more neverending tales, which probably at any day sometime next week.

Have a good weekend then, and do take care, all of you. You can still leave comments in any post you prefer. and as soon as I have my hands into the ravaging claws of the world wide web, I will approve them with replies.

Thanks, people.

Much Regards,

p/s: I'll be in Sunway and Wangsa Maju area, just in case.

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