Saturday, May 23, 2009

Packing Up

It's cleaning day today. In between the numerous folders I found this old poem I wrote after a breakup years back. Thought of just pasting it here to share.

from far i saw she waved her hands
so much as if tomorrow ends
she said goodbye i could barely hear
she didnt let out a single tear

she hugged an arm, no that's not mine
it was his o' the man of the beautiful kind
she hold the arm she hold it tight
as her other waved me slowly in flight

she turned her back and she walked away
there goes the lullaby she sang everyday
she looked at him she said 'i love you'
the same thing she said to me back in t'thousand two.

We talked so much we lied too often
we love too little we couldn't be soften
here cometh the day thy'll say goodbye
without a word without a single cry

and so she left with the man she hugged
i stood here stone-knocked, sugared and drugged
the driest pool now is soaking wet
i thought you said i was your favorite pet

the damage is done before much ado
the story between us, between me and you
this is the end yes i'm afraid so
It's over mate, so just let her go.


~riena~ said...

u write beautiful poem...:)
write more....
wud love to reAD it...

~riena~ said...

omg...its a beautiful poem..
write more....
im lovin it!!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks, you.