Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Padang-Bukit Tinggi Vacation: The Pictography

So I went to Padang and Bukit Tinggi. Refer to the not-so-recent post here.

Now, let the pictures speak for themselves. With a little narrations, of course.

This is the Jam Gadang, presented to the people of Bukit Tinggi by the Dutch. Renovated for a few times, this clock tower is somewhat sentimentally-valued by the crowds.

Showing the entrance to the secret underground base built during the world war 2, this statue of a Japanese soldier marks the ground where battles took place in the land of the three volcanoes, claiming thousands of lives. The underground base stretched over a kilometer in length and was dug by hands of the captured civilians. The base was so secretly built that during the construction, the existence of the base was never acknowledged, not even by the locals.

This fountain and the small pond where the water flows into is believed to have some sort of special power, where whenever a person wipes their faces with its icy-cold water, they will gain ten-year worth of physical youthness. I wiped my face once, twice, and still I look like as ancient. Dammit.

The typical Minangkabau house. Colorful wood-carvings, pointy roofs, beautiful garden. Minus the satellite dish, of course.

99 percent of Bukit Tinggi's residents are Muslims, hence the large number of mosques and musollas around the area.

Javanese coffee beans, ripening up at one of the best coffee factory in Bukit Tinggi. Welcome to heaven, this way please. Your cup is waiting.

Turtle eggs, which appear to be greatly appreciated by the locals - for food. Ten for fifteen thousand Rupiahs.

Typical Bukit Tinggi lady in her prime youth. Meow =3

Hotel Pusako, 4-star ranking hotel in Bukit Tinggi. The water in the pool was so chillingly cold I snapped when I sunk my fingers in it. Beautiful place, anyway.

What are the odds? We met my mom's brother (in the middle with his two sons at both sides) and his family in Bukit Tinggi, who apparently were having their vacation as well. My mom is at the far right while my metrosexual brother at the far left. See? No pimple at all.

That's me wasting time while my mom went shopping.

This thing caught my attention at the hotel. So I zoomed in and...

...Gudang Garam International beb! Rilek je! Tengah hari buta plak tu!

What shit?!

Cigarette-smoking me and my metrosexual brother.


Anonymous said...

hi! thx fullow my blog.. btw evry single pic is speachless!! terbaik dr lensa anda..

Mireya said...

sama je muka adik beradik. memang true ah! hahaha

nice pics!

miss eLyA =) said...

oof. muke ur 'metrosexual' bro sebijik mcm u!!!!

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

hani: thanx, you :D

mira: kate adik beradik

elya: ...

cik jaa said...

waahhh...bukit tinggi was awesome right??i wish to go there soon for cure myself.hehe.the scenery was good kan jack??

miza said...

aku rasa klu aku jadi menantu mak kau, aku leh salah masuk bilik. kau dgn adik kau is freakingly sama. scary la.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

cik jaa: yep! sgt lawa tempat dia. sejuk~

miza: amboih. gatal. meh la jadi nombor dua aku. wahahah

Dusty said...

lepak je naik pakai harness.PPE satu pun tak pakai.peh

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

isap rokok lagi tu. lagi xleh blah.