Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ponies Obsession

Upon receiving my first Polo shirt a long time before, I have fell in love with the design and the lifestyle Polo has to offer.

I had my first Polo when I was a kid, and somehow I lost track of the shirt sometime between prepubescent period to date. I do not actually remember what I felt when I first wore that black shirt with tiny pony design embroidered in red on the left chest part, provided that I was still a small kid that time ergo my appreciation towards designer labels was still undeveloped. But I loved that shirt very much for its Pony logo. I was a kid, and there's a horse on my chest; who won't fancy that?

The Jockey Sprint Pony Logo, synonym to every Polo Shirt.

Time passed by and I got myself a new Polo shirt, blue label series, sometime in August last year, a courtesy of a loved one. The shirt is light mocha in color and the embroidered Big Pony symbol is in dark blue. The shirt is fitted, which I find quite troubling in order to hide my somehow enlarging belly area, which forced me to cramp the lower abdomen muscles in such a way that it remains flat all the time every time I wear the shirt.

But the passion for Polo suddenly rose in me.

There are usually three types of Pony design they embroidered on Polo shirts, be it the Ralph Lauren's, Santa Barbara's or Polo Haus. They are the Single that usually comes in two sizes: small or big, Double Ponies or 'Dual' and Three Ponies or Triple (also referred to as 'Match' due to the imagery). These designs appear in single color but also in multicolor edition.

Single, Small Pony Classic Fit Polo

Single, Big Pony Classic Fit Polo

Dual Pony Classic Fit Polo, number 3

Triple/Match, single color

Triple/Match, multicolor

And then there is the number, usually comes in 1, 2 ,3 and 4 according to the role of the players in the field. Number One is the most offensive position on the field. Number Two has an important offensive role of either running through and scoring themselves, or passing to the number one and getting in behind them. Number Three is the tactical leader and must be a long powerful hitter to feed balls to Number Two and Number One as well as maintaining a solid defense. The best player on the team is usually the Number Three player. Number Four is the primary defense player and though they can move anywhere on the field, they often try to prevent scoring.

So if you see number thirteen on a Polo shirt, well, you know what it means.

I would love to own many of these flattering Polo shirts, but to date I am a little bit offensive to own these designs which I found fancy:

The Classic Match Polo, Multicolor

The Blackwatch Polo team edition, number 2

The Passport/Flag Slim Fit Polo, number 2

Other than those featured are the Hackett and Mercer No. IV rare collections.

I would kill for one.


SGRMSE. said...

Polo shirts ARE really good investments. They're light-wear but classy when nicely fitted. I think if you really want one of the special/limited edition ones, you should def get one. Or at least start saving up. Because everyone deserves to indulge (a little) every once in awhile ;)

BTW, thanks for stopping by and for the well-wishing.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ah. thank you very much for the advice =D

miss eLyA =) said...

uuuh that black model is hawt!


SGRMSE. said...

Well, I guess you're not about to answer my previous question. No matter (:

RYC - yeah? Reckon you and my father'll get along. Math, logic and all them numbers are right up your alley huh. LOL. I can't do mental math to save a life. ERGH.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

err..what question? ah yes. he seems to have some robotic personality in him, those we usually refer to as the walking wikipedia.

Dusty said...

aku pun gila polo.hahaha

Unknown said...

Polos are a staple in any man's wardrobe. They are versatile and light, and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. When forming your own wardrobe, make sure to include a variety of styles and colors of polos.

Ulla@ Pasamola said...

Baju polo memang mantap lah.