Monday, May 04, 2009

What Crap Is All These?!

So a boy from a certain ethnic was somewhat hurt few days back due to several pinches to the arm by a teacher who caught him touching (if translated from the Malay word 'meraba', it would be groping) a female student.

The issue caught a minister's attention. And the story came out in the national TV news, prime time, showing the kid, the family and the minister in pursuit for justice or whatsoever I really couldn't remember.

How. Very. Interesting.

* * *

The kid was pinched by a teacher because he touched an unwilling female student's body parts. He, touched, an unwilling female student. Now which one of you smarties here think that the boy should not be pinched for his doings?

That boy is lucky he got pinched. If I was the teacher, that boy would certainly have been physically brutalized so bad he swore to himself he'd be gay for the rest of his life.

"So you touched her eh? Come here you."

Seriously, what the hell is going on with the education world? The kids cannot be beaten when they beat other children. The kids cannot be beaten when they beat the hell out of a teacher. The kids cannot be beaten when they don't attend school. Now that they get sexual driven by curiosity for the opposite gender, we cannot beat them too?

I don't care what ethnicity. What he did was wrong and there is no goddamn way to relate ethnicity into the picture here. The best part was, even the family supported the kid.

I'm gonna beat the crap out of my son/daughter (yes honey I'm pretty much serious here) should they come back from school one day telling that the teacher beat them up for things they did wrongly. They should have been beaten up to discipline them. Otherwise they will end up so lembik like those tauge and tauhu for the rest of their lives couldn't be able to take even a single hit for once.

Hell, I got myself beaten up for free by my teacher just because I forgot to bring my ABC writing homework when I was in Standard 1. Also when I smacked a boy in his face using a math text book. And as well as when I slapped a girl (I was 8 that time, what did I know?) because she called me names. So the teacher beat the shit out of me in front of the class. When I came back telling my dad that I got beaten, he happily continued the teacher's legacy at home giving me some more whackings. And many of my friends too got beaten like a cat take to a cotton furball. Well, I thought I was just being brutalized but those beatings actually taught me a lot. I never forget my homeworks anymore, I never smack a guy in the face with a math textbook anymore and I never slap a girl anymore.

Yeah I got beaten up pretty well much.

And look at what happen to us. We did well in school. And what happened to those young crammy little rats who always caught the nation's attention every time they got themselves beaten by teachers over their own wrongdoings?

You tell me.


Silverleaf said...

I all the ministries in Malaysia...only the education ministry that never really defend their staffs.....

If a policeman got caught doing something bad...the higher officer will try to not publicize it and settle it in their own turf....if a teacher even when it is not proven to be he or her wrong then hell just drop on his or her head....

Mireya said...

if i were the teacher relatives, and i hold any grudge, mesti budak tu dah kena kasi.

kesian cikgu zaman sekarang, nak didik budak pun susah. bila anak murid rosak, cikgu jugak yang disalahkan.


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...


if the teachers are allowed to be strict like those we used to have back in the days, there should be less cases of gangsterism and even the rempits.if, and only if.

now that the teachers are not allowed to be as strict, they might as well just think, "ah why should we give a phuck about the students discipline when in the end the students will win?"Worst is when the parents get about and around. Seriously I don't get it at all.

mInImOy said...

budak2 zaman skrang sangat gedik.

parents pon same. terlalu manjekan anak2.

recalling our past, mmg teruk ar kne pukul. dh la dipukul kat skolah, nak komplen kat parents pon salah. alamatnyer, mmg kne pukul lg ar.

just look around and see how these kids dress up. they're at most, 15 years old and they act and dress up like my age.

while the people at my age still trying to dress up as simple as we can.

little girls putting on make-ups, little boys know how to flirt around and see underneath the skirt.

i wont allow my children to grow up as such. i prefer to be called a hardcore parent rather than a parent who spoils the child.

luckily, my family still practice the old-timers style - discipline by hitting.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

yes. the tradition of enforcing the family disciplinary acts has to be continuously done.

otherwise, well we will soon live in a world not only lived by self-centered idiots but bunch of pathetic mommy-boys too.

-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

Totally agreed. I was caned, humiliated, threatened, slapped & beaten by teachers when I was in primary school and my parents will gladly continue to prolong my ordeal when I came home. Seriously, kids nowadays are spoilt rotten RUDE brats who deserve nothing but a good slap. I'll definitely whack my kids. Oh yeah.