Saturday, May 09, 2009

What? Wahahahahah

"Why isn't there 'My Ass' as the answer?"

Probably she measured a live elephant and the moon with her bare eyes without taking the distance factor between her and the target objects into calculation. Somebody, please, let there be light upon this lady by teaching her the dimension scaling factor.

I'm sorry. I have to laugh, or else I might die due to humor holdup. Woahahahaha


[z@ck] said...

If i were her, i also choose elephant. Not to say that she's stupid, but maybe she gets used to portray large=elephant.But still she should realise that the moon is far more largest than the elephant.

p/s : pesan kat minah 2, baca soklan betul2..

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

wow. i didn't know that the elephant is larger than the moon. probably because I am no longer 5, maybe?

she doesn't have any problem on reading but understanding and knowing the real answer.

so the usual comment would be the common idiocy la. you don't need a degree to tell that the moon is far bigger.