Friday, June 26, 2009


"Tell me, how long more?"

Dear members of the family, fans, friends and foes;

Due to certain unfortunate events, I decided to rest myself for a while from the blogging world.

Life has never been so difficult. With deteriorating health and physically tired, what choice do I have.

Please forgive me for all the 'full of sadness and sorrow' type of blogposts from the past weeks. I just happened to be too upset. I have never been so unhappy.

I do not have anyone whom I can totally pour myself out. And from this, I die a little inside each day.

To all readers, thank you very much for your time visiting this blog every now and then. Should you need to contact me, you know where to find me. Through my email, to the very least.

I will write back as soon as I am done with myself - with this typhoon inside of me that never seem to stop developing. All I can think of is a place, the only place where my heart is calm at all time. A place far away from here, and never here. A place where there is love and peace, that loves me best and keeps me warm, protected.

I need to find love of my own.

"All I ever wanted was to love you wholly and completely without any prejudice, without any need for the favor to be returned, with no need to be treated like a king nor a superstar."

Till then, and do take care, all of you.

Best Regards,

Mohamad Nazmi


cik jaa said...

"come hell or high water, you still have HIM"
harap kau jumpa apa yg kau cari,jack. Jaga diri =)

SGRMSE. said...

I'm right there with you in this darkness.

In time, things will be okay. JUST HOLD ON.

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

sorry i lama tak online. i was totally occupied the past week..i just hope u're gonna be find there ok..

eli.Suhaili said...

for what ever reasons you're getting through right now, Hope everything will be fine one day.
Take care mr photographer :)

Silverleaf said...

it looks like the cover of an album..nice...(i dno what to comment but sincerely like the pic)


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