Monday, June 15, 2009

Just 'What the Fuck'

Coffee's getting cold but drinking it up I don't
It's bloody cold in here it gets to my bone
Couldn't sleep now and my head is crashing
Thoughts of things go all around dashing

Looking back at times when we were happy
And those moments when it all went crappy
It hits me deep right here in the heart
It's hurting me well like a piece of bad art

Can't seem to understand how could you be so mad
How could you put everything aside all the things we had
Where was your heart when 'twas me you struck
When you yelled at me you said 'What the fuck'.

Gone is everything inside me comes crashing
Beaten up real good by your words of bashing
I couldn't move already all I feel is ache
Couldn't tell how much more of these I could even take

I don't know what I feel it just seem so numb
Maybe a bit too sad maybe a bit too dumb
But don't you need to bother or care or even to stay stuck
Cause probably what I am to you is nothing at all but
Like the way you said, I'm just 'What the fuck'.

-0110 hour-

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