Thursday, June 18, 2009


'Tired',, 2007

What are the odds, of something big, coming my way today as we still have more or less 4 more hours to go till it ends?

Quite on the downer hands, my life has been specifically deteriorating from last week onwards, much to blame on the blasphemous sphere of being too bored (and too away) from anything else.

8-to-5 work hour is easier when there are better things to do at night. But since it is holiday, I couldn't help but to 'just shut the hell up and stop complaining', as the average angry woman will say to sissy men. But I am no sissy, oh never.

I started to lose focus. Some said that I am disturbed by certain things in mind that I may have left unattended, specifically personal issues or agendas that even by thinking of it will make Superman crashes into planets, if he does that while flying. Well, I don't know where to begin. Too many things in mind right now that sometimes they get mixed up pretty much easily, hence adding up more and more turbulence to my uncompromisable state of confusion.

There are many interesting things to do despite the fact that they are better be done in groups. But that's the thing: I lose interest as quickly as fart loses its intensity in open air. Also, I am pretty much tired these days, easily. In a way or another, I am missing someone too. Tried to call, but my pride won't let me dial.

Tak pernah kuragu dan slalu kuingat
Kerlingan matamu dan sentuhan hangat

Ku saat itu takut mencari makna

Tumbuhkan rasa yg sesakkan dada

Kau datang dan pergi oh begitu saja
Semua kutrima apa adanya

Mata terpejam dan hati menggumam

Di ruang rindu kita bertemu

'Ruang Rindu', Letto; Truth, Cry and Lie, 2005

Well maybe I am just disturbed. Maybe.


W. Suhailaliza W. M. H. said...

last night~ i couldn't even get an answer!

LOL. can't help it cuz its my favorite. sorry! it tickles somehow at the end. haha!
good luck! =D

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

yeah. LOL.

Silverleaf said...

nice editing...i dno wat to comment on the post...but I like the pic...where did U get the wings?....

shera said...


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

Silvy: somewhere off the internet. i can't really remember.

pinky: thanks, you.