Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super Pissed Waddefakkkkk

'The flight that never made it' - just after takeoff at Sepang International

I was flying the Malaysian Airline's Boeing 777-200ER en route to Brisbane from KLIA International, departure time 5.35am local time for almost 7 hours and twenty-three minutes real playing time in Microsoft Flight Simulator X just now.

I was making a curve to straighten my position according to the landing strip in Brisbane International. Say, ten minutes to landing time.

As I was adjusting the flaps and whatnot, the program suddenly crashed and the plane went out of control then crashed. Then the computer hanged for a bit before a Yahoo Messenger window came out:


( I replied..)

Me : yeah what
The One Who Buzzed: saje buzz la
The One Who Buzzed: mcm marah je
The One Who Buzzed: lek lek
Me: yep. u just crashed my flight from KLIA-brisbane which i was playing for straight 4-hours real time
The One Who Buzzed: alaaaaaaaaaaaa
The One Who Buzzed: sorryyyy!
The One Who Buzzed: nak beli makanan jap
The One Who Buzzed: lapa

Can you tell just how i felt?

So long Flight MH 5040 along with its 324 passengers. May you all rest in peace. Sorry for flying you all straight into the Gold Coast sea.


~Mis Jc ~ said...

err..hopefully not me.huhu

anak pak man said...

dude, kesian kot depa..
just goes to show, they tell you to turn off your phone on the plane for a reason yeah?

jawab fon nek keta pon byk jadi eksiden, lagila kapai terobang kan?

*apa hg mrepek neh?*

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

lawak la you ni jack..eheh, worry not, there's always other flights to fly :)
*btw, this is my 3rd attempt sending comment to your post..should it be in inbox, just delete the first two..internet sucks big time now

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

huu tu la pasal

jap lagi dalam kol doblas satu lagi penerbangan AirAsiaX menghala ke Padang dari KLIA akan berlepas. sape kaco aku time tu memang saje aaa

EFF said...