Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Very Warm Welcome to You Freaking Brats.

So one of the female cats back at home gave birth to four kittens sometime last week, adding up the headcount to 9 cats currently under care by my mom and dad. Yet to be named, these little rascals started to roam the house with extreme curiosity at all time as long as there were sound sources that the kittens used as their guides to objective destinations.

Mom treats them like grandchildren. Probably a sign that I better give her one before she adopts more cats and turns the house into somewhat foster home for feline varieties.

I snapped some pictures of them. Take a look.

Sigh. Pening aku dengan budak-budak kecik ni.


soleil m said...

cumil gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

pencinta kucin tegar

Kuri Kuri said...

they look so cute!!!
sy juga sukakan kucing..
tp dkt rumah sy ade 3 ekor kucing je!
bkn 9

miss eLyA =) said...

aww!!! comel nye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C. Lvean Xindy said...

gler comel

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

o mai god..they are super dolly adorable!! aduh, i cant stand cute cats... i have my own troop here at home..sungguh meriah, i love it

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ah..never thot these guys will make fans this early. thanks, people =D

Unknown said...

damn cute!
i want all of them :P

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

thanks effa!

cannot effa!


soleil m said...

i hope u don't mind me cilok-ing ur cats' picts. nk buat wallpaper! :D

~riena~ said...

can i have em all..please..
i take gud care of them...[wink]

soo chumeyh!!!
suker n pencinta kucing..:)

M.Y. Sarah Adiba said...

paling suka = dora the explorer.. mesti gbr yg paling bottom. nnti dtg rumah, sepak2 muka dorang sbb so tiny n cutie. =))