Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, Here We Go Again

As the semester reaches the end, there will be times when the postgraduate students need to sit down among themselves in a group to individually present their works to the superior evaluators. We call these sessions as the Postgraduate Symposium. For every session it will take an hour for each student, and there will always be two lecturers to evaluate us.

As for me, my session is tomorrow. Like the image above depicts, the session will be from 9am to 12pm.

There are only two things I am concerned about the symposium:

1. There are two other students pursuing PhD, and both happen to be my friends. So no problem with communications. But I am the only one with M.Sc. in the group.
Picture this for example: a standard-three student to present with two other students who already are in standard-five.

Therefore my presentation is expected to par with the others to show a bit of competition when it comes to catching up with the presentation standard.

2. Two Associate Professors (AP) are to be our evaluators. And both are known to be very technical in their fields - Dr Rashid in Automotive and Dr Hussain in Fluid Mechanics.

I need to be very, very careful in terming. Wrong terms might lead to wrong understanding hence the wrong conclusions. And then it leads to more scary things to come. Remember; flame and fire are two different things in engineering world.

Well, wish me luck, people :D


Kuri Kuri said...

best of luck to you jack!

HaNi said...

Good luck :)

shera said...

gud luck then! :)

Silverleaf said...

Gud lUCK!!!!!

cik jaa said...

best of luck!!