Friday, June 19, 2009

What Crap

My mom called today.

Apparently one of a cousin came by at home for the usual social chit-chat. A year older than me, he is now working with one of the company that runs the country's largest passenger network service as a fresh accountant.

So he updated my parents about his current doings and whatnot, including his plans for future advancement as an accountant, as my mom told. Nothing really impressed me until she asked me this very question:

"Is it true that accounting is much more difficult to study than engineering?"

She sounded upset when she uttered that question, to which I replied, "why did you ask?"

"Because he (the cousin) said that your course is much more easier to complete than his. He said engineering is easy."

At that very point, my calmness turned into this:

He said what?

What the bloody hell is this nonsense?! "Ridiculous!" i said to her.

Based on what specifications or tests, sir, that made you think you are anymore superior than me? There is no possible way to actually compare two different fields, although they both link to science, to tell which one is more difficult to study than the other. Instead of putting such an arrogant statement, might as well you burn the entire house down in the way of making me be a little more shameful as you may thought I might be but I am not, behind my back.

I rather put that our fields are not identical in many ways, therefore diplomatically I could put that instead of boasting about anybody's field, we could just respect each other and stop there immediately. How do you tell that my course is easier? Have you taken any engineering course to add to your list of confirmed findings?

But you sir, yes you, have made such irrelevant statement to my parents, especially my mom who has no apparent knowledge in engineering, when I was not around. Did you ever encounter the feelings one may feel when others ridicule their children when they are not around? My God, only if I was there to shower you with ridiculous mathematical questions like explosive diarrhea just enough to shut you up, I swear I will do my very, very best.

"By the way he invites you to his wedding," my mom continued after listening to my series of lecture.

"Ahhh," I replied in such calmed, relieved voice. Since I know my mom wouldn't be seeing me through the phone, I am pretty sure she knew that I was grinning from one ear to another.

It's hammer time.


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

duh?? ras bes la tu, sebab tu dia kata accountancy lebeh susah dari engineering..bagi dia duduk kelas engineering, baru padan muka..

didiey ;) said...

nope.nope.ta setuju.

every course have their own difficulties.

either accounts,engineerng,medic.

'profesional scope' we called then :)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

yea. we shud do that. luckily both of u know what's bad and what's wrong

~riena~ said...

i soo not agree..
accountant and engineering its like two different world...
and it doesnt make sense to all..

ermm for me....every field..has their own diffculties..:)