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Monday, July 27, 2009

Satu Ratus Hari


Maaf kerana sudah terlalu lama aku menghilangkan diri.

Ketahuilah, sesungguhnya ujian yang sedang aku lalui ini berat sekali untuk kupikul apatah lagi untuk kujinjing.

Tetapi takkan terjadinya sesuatu itu dengan izin Allah SWT tanpa sebab musababnya,

Mungkin aku sudah terlalu lama melupakan. Aku sudah terlalu lama meninggalkan.

Mungkin ujian ini satu petunjuk yang aku sudah terlalu lama begini, yang diriku kini memerlukan satu perubahan.

Dalam diri meniti titian ke arah yang lebih sempurna, aku perlu beredar sebentar untuk memberi ruang kepada diri ini agar lebih bersedia untuk menghadapi hari-hari mendatang yang cabarannya tidak menentu.

Ya Rabb, ajarkan aku erti kesabaran. Ajarkan aku erti perubahan. Ajarkan aku erti penantian. Ajarkan aku erti ketabahan. Ajarkan aku erti kehidupan. Ajarkan aku erti cinta. Ajarkan aku erti kasih-sayang. Ajarkan aku erti rindu. Ajarkan aku segalanya, Ya Allah, kerana sesungguhnya aku ini sering terlupa betapa kecilnya diriku di hadapan-Mu.

Berikan aku ruang untuk berubah, demi diri aku sendiri dan demi kebaikan orang-orang di sekelilingku.

Terima kasih Ya Allah kerana Engkau masih sayang padaku. Tanpa ujian sebegini, mungkin aku akan terus menjadi aku yang seperti dulu.

Maafkan aku wahai kalian, dan doakan aku yang terbaik.

Menatap indahnya senyuman di wajahmu
Membuatku terdiam dan terpaku
Mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah
Saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku

Banyak kata yang tak mampu kuungkapkan
Kepada dirimu

Aku ingin engkau slalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Di setiap langkah
Yang meyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku

Meski waktu akan mampu
Memanggil seluruh ragaku
Kuingin kau tau
Ku slalu milikmu
Yang mencintaimu
Sepanjang hidupku

Sungguh hanyalah dirimu yang aku cintai
Dan sungguh ku kan di sisimu hinggaku mati

Berikan aku masa. Berikan aku kepercayaan. Berikan aku keyakinan. Berikan aku peluang. Berikan aku jalan. Berikan aku kasih dan sayang.

Izinkan aku pergi dahulu.

-Seratus hari mencari cinta-

Monday, July 06, 2009

Dry Season, Love and Writing

While listening to The Ballad for Adeline - a very sweet instrumental song- I danced my fingers onto the keyboard keys, letting words by words coming out straight from my mind for you readers to read.

Some say I write beautifully.

So it sometimes occurred to me that when I stopped writing for sometimes, some certain somebody came and chatted me up and asked, "why did you? Why didn't you write anymore?"

"Why," I asked back, before continuing, "did you fall in love with me?"

An idea tank, I am not. I could have written many things in my life, but usually my thinking, without any suitable explanation, stopped working at times. And these are the times I oftenly refer to as the Dry Season.

Self-explanatory by the words themselves, Dry Season is a period of time, with undetermined and unpredictable behavior - of how short or long it could be, when and where it could occur, etc. - that happens to me once in a while, causing me to lose interests in writing due to the nonexistence of bright, shiny ideas that usually be my motivations to write about.

I don't want to keep on writing rubbish like some people do for the sake of filling their blog entries. For me, that would be bloody ridiculous. I do understand that some people treat their blog entries as diaries, but that would not be me. I don't do diary. I do writeup.

And these writeup consists of my emotions. If you look carefully at any of my blog entry, you will find that those entries could be linked to at least one type of any type of emotion - love, hate, happy, sad, etc. Because this is how I express my emotions- through words, beautifully crafted entries that please not only me but other readers.

When I write about love, I want you readers to be with me and feel what I feel. See what I see. Hear what I hear. Be with me interpreting the emotion. And slowly you will feel it. You will see it, and you will hear it.

Because there is only one thing that makes us all inevitably impressive enough to call ourselves human - emotions.

But do not have any negative emotions nor feeling should one day I take a rest from writing. I just need some time to gather information before I start writing again.

* * *

"So did you?"

"Of course not," she chuckled. "I don't fall for you, Mr. Jacksparrow," she then continued.

"I just fell for your writings."

A Very Fashionable Comeback

Living life like a rock star

Hello darlings of my life,

As what Eddington did to Einstein, life itself has shown me the path to where the road leads back again into the original route.

And here I am again, back from the hiatus I commanded some weeks back.

Fresh and kicking, I am practically ready to write again for a couple of days before I go back to my hometown for some unfinished business.

Thank you for numerous emails, comments and messages I have been receiving from some of you who happened to be very caring. Much obliged, yes.

Now get me a tropical fruity non-alcoholic cocktail, mildly stirred.

And right away, get this party started.