Monday, August 31, 2009

The roads to Tambun was quite empty from any vehicle at the time we hit the main road from Gopeng Road. The surfaces of the old tarmac looked all dark and wet from the rain. It had stopped for now, but there were chances that another downpour or two were on the way by looking at how those faded gray clouds brewed in the sky.

The car broke the silence on the road as she cut through the wind, passing the Royal Perak and then Istana Raja Muda, all the way towards the inner heart of the city. I had to be extra careful since the road looked somehow oily, and to slip off the road was not something I was looking forward to experience at the hour, especially with this young lady sitting next to me with the hopes that I will fulfill the duty to send her home safely instead of flying next to next all the way into the off-road ledge with complete slow-motion effect, blurred vision and slurry screams. I took a quick glance at her, who was then still calmly seated, her eyes on the road. She looked dead.

It has been a while since we spoke to each other, despite the close distance we had in between. Well it was freezing both on the outside and inside of the car, and with no life moving around the blocks, surely things tend to get her sleepy and lazy to even do anything. She hid both of her hands in between her legs, slightly covered with her tote bag. Probably she was cold, but the air-conditioner was already at its lowest. I couldn't tune down the window since it was even worst to have traveling cold wind from outside to hit you continuously than the air-conditioner did. The radio played different types of songs now, slowly shifting from the fast beating raps of SouljaBoy's and Kanye West's then to less aggressive but relaxed pop and ballad by some Malay bands.

"You," she broke the silence.


"Siapa nyanyi lagu ni?"

"Ungu with Rossa," I replied with my eyes still on the road.

"This version is sweeter, kan?"

"Ha'ah. I like this one better," I said as I increased the volume of the tuner by two clicks. "It's taken from Ayat-ayat Cinta the OST."

She didn't reply. I turned to look at her. She was already looking at me when I did, her eyes locked into mine, and in my mind I wondered: how she could stayed so fresh and lively even after the almost an-hour ride, so far, in such cold environment? She looked so reddish and warm with pinkish vibes masking over her lovely fair skin. Her lips were still moist and lovely when mine already had broken skin all over them. Her hair fell helplessly on her forehead, slightly covering her right eye and eyebrow. Her eyes looked shiny when glares from passing streetlights reflected on their surfaces. She looked so calm and peaceful but in a way or another that look on her was as if she was helpless, as if her eyes were calling for mercy. Her lips barely moved with the lyrics but I knew she was singing along - only none a sound came out.

The radiance in me, they came hitting again.

I put my eyes on the road again as we reached the crossroad next to Pantai Puteri Hospital like she previously instructed me to. We stopped at the traffic light, and I turned to her to ask for next directions. She asked me politely to take the right turn to the main road that led to Tambun. As the lights turned to green, I took the instruction she gave me and started to speed up along the road since it started to rain again.

"Nanti dekat simpang tu you turn kiri k," she said as she pointed to the junction she meant.

The series of turnings continued for a few more times until we finally entered a road that led to a housing area with residences the size of supermarkets. Alright, I might be exaggerating but to me the residential area to where we were was no ordinary one - there were numerous bungalows and semi-D's; big, expensive fancy rides; some of these huge, tall fences; and things only the rich and famous could only afford. 'She lives here?', I asked myself as I slowly brought the car along the empty, long road.

"Okay you, you park dekat sini," she said. Her small, petite index pointing to an empty spot under a streetlight. I carefully parked the car and got it to a full stop. I placed the gear to neutral, pulled the handbrake up and unlocked the doors by pulling the central locking pin up. Then I turned to her.

"You wait here kejap boleh? I nak masuk kejap then I get back to you. Okay?"


She opened the door and ran under the rain into one of the houses via a personal gate. So that was her house, i said to myself - a two-storey townhouse three times the size of mine. It looked dark from outside except at the hall where it was well lighted. The house had a small garden with varieties of small plants that provided shade and natural closure from outsiders to look freely pass the lawn and onto the house fully. There were two cars parked next to next under the huge porch - a black Perdana and a 3-series gray BMW, both with Perak plates - while the end parking lot was empty.

It took a while until she came out. She wore an additional pink hooded jacket this time and she walked to the car. There was someone following behind her, also in hooded jacket but in black. It was too dark for me to check on this other person as he/she turned around and closed the gate while rosy cheeks opened the door and ducked into the car. There were drops of water on her nose and lips, of the one who owned the rosy cheeks. She looked excited.

"You, kita pergi minum dengan my sister nak? Kitorang belanja."

Huh? When did you plan all this?


Went to Lumut with two boys today. The destination was McDonald outlet in Manjung for breakfast. Thought of bringing the camera and did anyway. So here are some of the picture we took during the outing. Camera used was Panasonic Lumix FZ-18, my beloved.

En route to Lumut via the Ipoh-Lumut causeway. The road was quite empty despite the holiday season. Pretty neat scenery here.

This is Noraz, a close friend for almost 6 years. His roommate Zul was at the rear. And that's my shades he's wearing.

Noraz was a good co-pilot. For only five minutes. Then he got bored and started snapping pictures around. This was UiTM Sri Iskandar, decorated with flags for Merdeka celebration.

Reached Sitiawan after 45-minutes of traveling time. Saw this billboard of Marina Bay real estate. Am looking forward for it to complete. It's already Maghrib when we reached McD.

After breakfast, accompanied these two boys for some shirt-shopping at a bazaar in Lumut. Spent the next two hours and more moolahs here. That's Zul right there, holding a shirt he's buying.

Took another shot of long driving to Swiss Garden Damai Laut to celebrate Merdeka. Noraz was pretty hyped about the whole idea.

With a McChicken Deluxe and two pieces of spicy fried chicken inside, don't blame me for being so sleepy. I was forced to pose for Noraz when he took this picture.

Damai Laut has this fancy-looking swimming pools scattered around the area. I am looking forward to come again during the day or probably spend a night or two there.

Went to the Garden Terrace for some drinks. The restaurant was empty since everyone was at the lounge listening to a live band performance.

The mysterious picture of the day. I like the idea of it. By Noraz.

We went down to the beach and started to fill the empty beach seats overlooking the open sea under the starry sky. The place was quite and peaceful. The only sound we could hear was that of breaking waves. Perfect relaxation place for those in the needs of one.

Me taking a nap. The wind and the waves, they matched the scene for a perfect napping spot.

Time spent on trip: 7 hours
Moolahs spent: Food, petrol, this and that...say... a hundred MYR total.
What we feel: Never better.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Proud to fly the AirAsia Airbus A320 in Manchester United football club livery.

You guys did beat the Arseys pretty well this time. Mucho gracias! So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. Press button 1 on the side of your armrest for your personal in-flight screen entertainment selections, mainly clips from the match just now, or button 2 to for other inquiries. Thank you!

KLIA Main Terminal's Gate C11 passenger boarding.

Taxiing to the runway.

Houston, we have lift off.

And all the way to Old Trafford, baby!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It rained again yesterday.

I waited beside my car at V1, parked next to a large fir tree. The parking lot was even emptier since many of the students chose to go back home and enjoy the three-day holiday streak with the family, thanks to the 31st August celebration that happened to fall on Monday. The weather was not as chilly, but one could observe the moving thin clouds of dew wondering around and under the shades of glowing streetlights. The radio in the car was playing Buble's Put Your Head On My Shoulder, blanketing me with such mixed but relaxing feelings.

From an angle to where I was sitting, I could see a lady guard walking along the alley next to the female block of Village 1, shortly V1. She was one of the guards who were close to me like a family member, oftenly seen looking after one another. Mummy - that's what we call her - was walking slowly and looking at her steps while doing so. I was hoping that she will see me and then drop by for a shot of conversation maybe, which unfortunately didn't happen since she already disappeared behind the block when I came out from the shadows of the fir tree.

So I took out a cigarette and lighted it up before turning my attention to the mobile phone. I ran through a few of the latest messages I recently received, and read them one by one while inhaling the smooth smoke until I stopped at one particular message I received the previous night.

"Can I ask you a favor?"

And that was the reason why I was here, waiting in the mist to attend to her request to drive her down to Ipoh into the arms of her family. All I did was smiled at it, and pretty much soon after that I heard footsteps coming from behind me. And intuitively I knew that it was hers. I stood up, brushed my jeans from debris for a bit and turned around to see, the one with rosy cheeks.

And there she was, as lovely as always, standing in her plain, black cotton long-sleeve and a pair of acid-washed jeans. She wore a pair of wedges, this particular one with woven rattan for its outer layer and colorful knitted foot holder that matched with those strips on my Paul Smith's. She left her hair loose this time except on the fringe part that was clipped carefully like usual, and somehow that improved her looks by 2 years. She held a black traveling bag and a laptop bag in her hands, apart from her usual brown tote that hung lifelessly on her right shoulder. As I looked and smiled at her, she smiled back excitedly. Man, didn't she looks like a lady?

"Lama tunggu?"

"Nope," I said. "You ready?"

"Yeah. Jom?"

I took the bags from her except the tote, placed them at the back seat of the car and closed the door. I opened the front passenger door and looked at her who was now standing next to it. From the glare of faraway streetlights, I could see her lips bent into a smile.


* * *

"You tak balik?"



"Banyak kerja. Nak mark report you all lagi."

She laughed a little. I replied with only a small shift on my cheeks. Her perfume filled the air-conditioned environment of my car, like hovering gases moving alive around. As if her presence did not torture me enough. We went past the guard house at UTP front gate and I waved at the guards before proceeding to going out of the campus and into the Ipoh-Lumut causeway, Ipoh direction.

"Where's my Rocher?" she asked.

"Dalam glove box."

She opened the glove box and found the three carefully-wrapped chocolates in a transparent plastic pack at bay at the center of the case. She took the pack out and closed the box with a click. Finally, huh?

"How did you know about it?"

She opened the pack, took out one of the chocolates and placed the rest on the anti-slip mat on the dashboard.

"You have to watch your pocket often, mister," she said as she unwrapped it. "I saw it when I came back from the toilet yesterday."

I knew it. The soft cloth the baju melayu was made from has never failed to slip things out from the pocket quite unnoticed. The pack must have had slipped out when I moved around to look at her when she was back from the toilet.

She placed the whole of it into her mouth. I could hear her crunching on it. She then crumpled the wrapping, placed it in a piece of tissue paper and left it on the dashboard too, next to the other two untouched Rochers.

"You want one?"
she asked.



"Yea I'm sure." I was not in the mood for any munchies at the moment.

It started to rain again outside so I turned on the wiper. The road to Ipoh was not as busy as usual, and that made the journey a smooth one. I chose to take the road that crossed Batu Gajah's town via the Simpang Pulai's bypass and into another road that cut straight to Ipoh through Bandar Seri Botani since that is shorter and less crowded than the causeway.

"I didn't know yang you orang Ipoh?" I took a quick glance at her as I asked before turning my view to the road again.

"You tak pernah tanya," she replied casually.

"Right," I said. Somehow I felt that I blushed a little. "Which part of the town?"

"You'll know later."

I turned to her and wondered. This was just too mysterious to even begin with, and I demanded an answer. It just got too confusing already. She turned her head too and looked at me, but she didn't speak nor smile but to stay just so natural, so casual. Her relaxed eyes looked so inviting. Her lips were closed tight, and from the passing streetlight outside they shone softly. Out of a sudden I felt this growing radiance in me. What was it? And why? These questions I would like to ask but none a word came out from my mouth. I turned to the road again instead, but my mind was still on her.

Seriously, what games are you playing?

Malaysia Airlines B777-200 Heliconia Livery

I just happened to be too tired.

These past few days, I have been very busy. Running around the blocks, running up and down Tronoh-Ipoh, running other side chores, running other errands, running this running that.

I need to learn how to babystep things once again.

Maybe all that I need is a vacation. Can't wait for this weekend to come =)

p/s: was flying the above flight for more than two hours from KLIA to Denpasar International. Bali, here I come! =D

Friday, August 28, 2009


Recently downloaded the Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 747-400 Hibiscus livery version. Took her for a ride from Penang International to Sepang International. A very lovely plane.

Upon landing at KLIA, taxiing via designated taxiway to Gate C2 for international arrival.

Air Control Tower at the back.

Taxiing slowly to Gate C2 to enable skybridge connection.

Overlooking the MAS baggage carts.

Left-hand view of the airport from the cockpit.

Right-hand view of the airport from the cockpit

Brake applied, engines off, plane successfully docked. Passengers to leave the ship as announced. Another flight well conducted.

The real MAS Hibiscus livery B747-400, credits to

Alright. First Officer Mohd. Nazmi here, back again for wonderful trips in aviation industry.

Today we are going to learn on how to take off, but we are not going to fly on a commercial passenger airline. Instead, we are flying a cargo plane.

Introducing the Malaysia Airlines' MASKargo Boeing 747-200F Jumbo Jet. Here she is in beautiful white livery at Runway 32R of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang. The time is 10.30am, the traffic is low and the weather is clear. Ground control has just given out the clearance for takeoff, so that is exactly what we are going to do now.

The plane is now in idle at runway 32R. Keep it that way while waiting for ground control to give out takeoff clearance.

Make sure that the aircraft is aligned to the runway. You don't want to make cornering as the plane reaches its takeoff speed, right? So make sure the front gear is properly aligned too, accordingly, and you are at the right runway.

Since our payload is quite high (read: we're heavy) and the fuel is at 90% full capacity, we need to use the full flap. Extend the flap fully to 30 degree, as shown in the image above.

We have clearance from the tower. Do return the acknowledgment to the tower and prepare for takeoff. Make sure all autopilot check buttons are not engaged and all flaps are extended. Apply brake to Rejected Take-Off (RTO), and set the thruster to 95%.

The aircraft will speed up and as it reaches 160 knots, slowly pull the nose upward. You might want to do this slowly and smoothly. We don't want to cause the giraffes we have in the cargo unit to crap themselves out of sheer terror.

We're taking off now, by the way.

Successfully we have lifted off. Keep the angle of climb in between 15 to 18 degree. More than that may cause you to stall, and at that time not only the giraffes will crap themselves but also you and the rest of the crews. Retract the flaps by 10 degree, keep climbing and do nothing for now except holding on to the joystick.

Well goodbye Kuala Lumpur. Goodbye all the hot chicks.

Alright, now we are at 1000 feet. Retract the flaps to another 10 percent decrement, and hit the gear-up button.

There, the landing gears are up into the hull. We don't need them anyway anymore, since we are not yet to land. By having them out will only cause drag to the flight.

There. All landing gears are up and sealed. Just keep climbing.

Retract all flaps to none and keep climbing to the designated flying altitude. If you already have your route uploaded to the navigation system by GPS, just hit the autopilot button provided that you are already flying in GPS navigation system. Else, you have to do it manually by setting the navigation yourself.

That's all for today, kids. Hope that entertains you. If it doesn't, well, we still have the giraffes at the back that you might have interests in. Good luck and happy flyin'.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I dedicate this song to You. You know who you are. Kindly email me for the recordings - one on acoustic, the other on electric =')

made popular by the band Switchfoot,
taken from the OST 'A Walk To Remember'


There's always something in the way
There's always something getting through
But it's not me
It's You, it's You

Sometimes ignorance rings true
But hope is not in what i know
It's not in me, me
It's in You, it's in You

It's all i know

I find peace when I'm confused
i find hope when I'm let down
Not in me, me
In You, it's in you

I hope to lose myself for good
I hope to find it in the end
Not in me, me
in You, in You

it's all i know
it's all i know
it's all i know

it's in you.

"I just don't get it."

"Get what?"

"This stupid thing." She threw the mechanical pencil onto the sheet of paper and leaned back onto the cold metal bars. A part of her fringe came down, covering her right eye. She looked pissed.

"Hey," I said. I put down the can of coffee I was drinking from next to her bag. "Calm down alright? What is it?"

"This calculation for the circuit loop," she answered me with a very low tone, almost whispering. She pointed her lips to the diagram on the paper as she stared onto them with her arms folded. Cute.

"Come," I said. "Here's how you do it."

I took the pencil and started to draw the circuit on a piece of empty paper and placed the signs of voltage, current and resistance accordingly. She didn't move from her seat at all, still pointing her lips. Her cheeks looked like buns those aunties sell at night market - deliciously tender and inviting.

"You wanna learn this or not?"

"Fine," she blew onto her fallen fringe as she leaned forward and placed her arms on the table back again. "How do you do it?"

I drew out the Kirchhoff Law and slowly progressed to completing the calculation in every detailed out lines. The pencil danced beautifully on the paper, creating a solution to one of the Physics problem this little young lady was currently facing in full devastation. My focus was hundred percent on the paper, trying my best to come out with the most understandable calculation that was up to her level, since if I came out with a more complicated one she might just run away in total insanity.

"There. Done, " I said in full confidence as I placed the pencil down and lifted my head to see her. She was looking at me while resting her chin on both of her hands, smiling. Gosh, were you even listening?

"What?" I got completely clueless and confused already, while she somehow looked overly excited.

"You looked so serious just now."


"Yeah." She was still like that, smiling. "You should smile sometimes, you know?"

I folded my arms and leaned back against the bars behind me. Somehow this reminded me of one movie where the lady was pinning on the guy dead. I didn't want to be in that position, hell I didn't want to be a pinned, dead guy, so I leaned forward again and stood my hands on the table, supporting my chin like she did. She was only a foot away from me now, maybe even less.

"Like this?" I curved my lips up and pulled out a smile the best I could.

She giggled and kept her teeth open for me to see. "Yeah like that."

It lasted for a while. We exchanged smiles and stared into each others' eyes. Somehow in my heart I forgot all of my problems, they just went away. Suddenly the noise around us disappeared. Suddenly we were in our own secluded space. Suddenly everything just didn't matter anymore. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

"Okay enough already," she said. "You're freaking me out."

I didn't move at all. I kept smiling instead, playing more into her own game.

"Enough already!" She laughed out hard and brushed my Mohawk a few times with her right hand.

"Hey watch it!" I ducked and evaded her attack. "Took a long time okay to do this."

"Oh don't sulk, baby boy. You deserve it."

I pushed my right hand forward and pulled out her hair clip, causing her fringe to fall off covering her whole forehead. She shrieked a little as I did that, which later resided to another laugh.

"Bagi balik!"

"No. That's for what you did to my hair."

"Fine. Keep it if that makes you happy."

"Alright, alright," I finally gave up and placed the yellow metal clip on the paper where I did my calculation just now. "Nah."

"Thanks." She took it as fast as I did when I grab it from her. She carefully arranged her fringe again and clipped it. I looked at her while she did that. There was clearly something about this girl. Something.

"You know what?" She was still arranging her hair when she uttered the question, this time tightening the strip of rubber that kept her pony tail at bay.


"You have a dimple, you know?"

I have a dimple?

* * *

It was already late when we decided to end the day.

"Thanks for the tutorial, sir."

We were standing and looking at each other at the parking lot. Her block was already quite by the time, and many of the lights in each room had been out for good. The parking area was misty, and the weather was getting chillier.

"No problem."

I handed her the PDI bag I was holding for her while we walked from the cafe to her block. "Off you go now," I said.

She took the bag politely. "Good night."

I didn't reply but to just look at her walking off to the stairs and to her room, wherever it was anyway. She then disappeared from my sight, so I took a look around before started walking my way back to V5. I coughed a little from the cold weather so I covered my mouth as I did so with my hand.

It smelt of it. Euphoric.

I kept walking all the way past V2 cafe, still enjoying the scent on my right hand. As I was about to cross the cafe, I placed my hands into the pocket of my baju melayu, since it would be very weird for people to see me sniffing my own hands in public. That was when I found out that the chocolate I bought for her, was still in my pocket. It was there all along.

I stopped and thought for a while whether should or shouldn't I call her up to pass the Rocher. It was already 2.00am and she might be tired already. Plus she needed to go to classes on the next day, probably in the morning, so she needed enough sleep. After all, it was just a chocolate. Just a chocolate.

I held the Rocher in my hand and kept on walking in the mist. I used my fingers to find the dimple she said about, since I did not remember I ever have one, at least not in a very long time. Suddenly my mobile phone made a sound, indicating an incoming message. I took the phone out and checked on the message. It was from her.

"You don't want to share those Rocher with me?"

My God, I said to myself. How the hell you knew all these things?!

Alright kids listen up.

Today we're going to take a look at how to land an Airbus A380-800, currently the largest airliner in the world. Our model today is Virgin Atlantic's (fly Virgin!), the time is 1835 and we are now making our final descend to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, code KUL. Our landing technique today is Visual Approach using Visual Flight Rules (VFR) since the weather is fantastic and our windshield is still as clear since yesterday's wiping.

We have full house today with 520 passengers and 20 crews, all now tired but still dandy from this 8-hour flight from central Europe. The fuel is now around 20 percent to done so we are not going to worry on that just yet.

11 miles to the airport

- Use VOR or GPS navigation for your setup. Not going to elaborate on that. You may use ILS (Instrument Landing System) if you want.
- descend to 3000 feet with 500 feet descent rate.
- slow down to 220 knots
- contact air tower and confirm landing intention. Choose your runway, confirm.
- align the aircraft with the runway, this time we're using runway 32R, my favorite.
- take a look at the bloody sunset, this thing doesn't occur everyday.

6 miles to the airport

- further descend to 1200 feet with 200 feet descent rate. We're going to have a very smooth landing today, so let's go down slowly, and not in flame.
- open up all flaps to 25 degree (30 if you're with heavy load) with 5 degree increment. Watch the craft reaction, and make sure you have entire airport visual ahead. Adjust seat when needed.
- tune down the speed to 180 knots.
- keep all navigation light and strobe on, and turn on the landing lights as you're approaching 1500 feet.
- check the autobrake. set to 1 or 2 since our runway is quite long, so short braking is not necessary.
- landing gear down, baby, and wait for runway clearance from air tower. clear that out and start descending slowly.

1 mile to the airport

- alright. look at the craft, it starts to flare already. but keep the nose at fixed attitude, since we don't need to flare too much at this height
- turn to full flap now
- tune down speed to 150 knots
- carefully descend as you approach the runway


- there you go. run down on the thruster to idle when you are already above the runway
- attempt for touchdown SLOWLY or you are going to make many people nervous


- as we hit the ground, push the nose down to keep all wheels on the runway for easier ground maneuvering
- keep the gear straightly aligned with the runway as autobrake does its job
- use airbrake as necessary

There. What a happy landing, isn't it? Make sure you exit the runway when able and contact ground control for taxing options via taxiways around. Turn to taxing procedures.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We have arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang, Malaysia. Please remain seated as we make our way to the gate, and until the aircraft is at full stop. Thank you for flying Virgin Atlantic, wishing you the best for your days and hope that we will meet again. Thank you."

Remember kids: Takeoff is optional. Landing is compulsory. Happy flyin'!