Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking Off A MASKargo B747-200F @ KLIA

Alright. First Officer Mohd. Nazmi here, back again for wonderful trips in aviation industry.

Today we are going to learn on how to take off, but we are not going to fly on a commercial passenger airline. Instead, we are flying a cargo plane.

Introducing the Malaysia Airlines' MASKargo Boeing 747-200F Jumbo Jet. Here she is in beautiful white livery at Runway 32R of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang. The time is 10.30am, the traffic is low and the weather is clear. Ground control has just given out the clearance for takeoff, so that is exactly what we are going to do now.

The plane is now in idle at runway 32R. Keep it that way while waiting for ground control to give out takeoff clearance.

Make sure that the aircraft is aligned to the runway. You don't want to make cornering as the plane reaches its takeoff speed, right? So make sure the front gear is properly aligned too, accordingly, and you are at the right runway.

Since our payload is quite high (read: we're heavy) and the fuel is at 90% full capacity, we need to use the full flap. Extend the flap fully to 30 degree, as shown in the image above.

We have clearance from the tower. Do return the acknowledgment to the tower and prepare for takeoff. Make sure all autopilot check buttons are not engaged and all flaps are extended. Apply brake to Rejected Take-Off (RTO), and set the thruster to 95%.

The aircraft will speed up and as it reaches 160 knots, slowly pull the nose upward. You might want to do this slowly and smoothly. We don't want to cause the giraffes we have in the cargo unit to crap themselves out of sheer terror.

We're taking off now, by the way.

Successfully we have lifted off. Keep the angle of climb in between 15 to 18 degree. More than that may cause you to stall, and at that time not only the giraffes will crap themselves but also you and the rest of the crews. Retract the flaps by 10 degree, keep climbing and do nothing for now except holding on to the joystick.

Well goodbye Kuala Lumpur. Goodbye all the hot chicks.

Alright, now we are at 1000 feet. Retract the flaps to another 10 percent decrement, and hit the gear-up button.

There, the landing gears are up into the hull. We don't need them anyway anymore, since we are not yet to land. By having them out will only cause drag to the flight.

There. All landing gears are up and sealed. Just keep climbing.

Retract all flaps to none and keep climbing to the designated flying altitude. If you already have your route uploaded to the navigation system by GPS, just hit the autopilot button provided that you are already flying in GPS navigation system. Else, you have to do it manually by setting the navigation yourself.

That's all for today, kids. Hope that entertains you. If it doesn't, well, we still have the giraffes at the back that you might have interests in. Good luck and happy flyin'.

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