Thursday, August 27, 2009

And All I Can Breath Is Your Life

"I just don't get it."

"Get what?"

"This stupid thing." She threw the mechanical pencil onto the sheet of paper and leaned back onto the cold metal bars. A part of her fringe came down, covering her right eye. She looked pissed.

"Hey," I said. I put down the can of coffee I was drinking from next to her bag. "Calm down alright? What is it?"

"This calculation for the circuit loop," she answered me with a very low tone, almost whispering. She pointed her lips to the diagram on the paper as she stared onto them with her arms folded. Cute.

"Come," I said. "Here's how you do it."

I took the pencil and started to draw the circuit on a piece of empty paper and placed the signs of voltage, current and resistance accordingly. She didn't move from her seat at all, still pointing her lips. Her cheeks looked like buns those aunties sell at night market - deliciously tender and inviting.

"You wanna learn this or not?"

"Fine," she blew onto her fallen fringe as she leaned forward and placed her arms on the table back again. "How do you do it?"

I drew out the Kirchhoff Law and slowly progressed to completing the calculation in every detailed out lines. The pencil danced beautifully on the paper, creating a solution to one of the Physics problem this little young lady was currently facing in full devastation. My focus was hundred percent on the paper, trying my best to come out with the most understandable calculation that was up to her level, since if I came out with a more complicated one she might just run away in total insanity.

"There. Done, " I said in full confidence as I placed the pencil down and lifted my head to see her. She was looking at me while resting her chin on both of her hands, smiling. Gosh, were you even listening?

"What?" I got completely clueless and confused already, while she somehow looked overly excited.

"You looked so serious just now."


"Yeah." She was still like that, smiling. "You should smile sometimes, you know?"

I folded my arms and leaned back against the bars behind me. Somehow this reminded me of one movie where the lady was pinning on the guy dead. I didn't want to be in that position, hell I didn't want to be a pinned, dead guy, so I leaned forward again and stood my hands on the table, supporting my chin like she did. She was only a foot away from me now, maybe even less.

"Like this?" I curved my lips up and pulled out a smile the best I could.

She giggled and kept her teeth open for me to see. "Yeah like that."

It lasted for a while. We exchanged smiles and stared into each others' eyes. Somehow in my heart I forgot all of my problems, they just went away. Suddenly the noise around us disappeared. Suddenly we were in our own secluded space. Suddenly everything just didn't matter anymore. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

"Okay enough already," she said. "You're freaking me out."

I didn't move at all. I kept smiling instead, playing more into her own game.

"Enough already!" She laughed out hard and brushed my Mohawk a few times with her right hand.

"Hey watch it!" I ducked and evaded her attack. "Took a long time okay to do this."

"Oh don't sulk, baby boy. You deserve it."

I pushed my right hand forward and pulled out her hair clip, causing her fringe to fall off covering her whole forehead. She shrieked a little as I did that, which later resided to another laugh.

"Bagi balik!"

"No. That's for what you did to my hair."

"Fine. Keep it if that makes you happy."

"Alright, alright," I finally gave up and placed the yellow metal clip on the paper where I did my calculation just now. "Nah."

"Thanks." She took it as fast as I did when I grab it from her. She carefully arranged her fringe again and clipped it. I looked at her while she did that. There was clearly something about this girl. Something.

"You know what?" She was still arranging her hair when she uttered the question, this time tightening the strip of rubber that kept her pony tail at bay.


"You have a dimple, you know?"

I have a dimple?

* * *

It was already late when we decided to end the day.

"Thanks for the tutorial, sir."

We were standing and looking at each other at the parking lot. Her block was already quite by the time, and many of the lights in each room had been out for good. The parking area was misty, and the weather was getting chillier.

"No problem."

I handed her the PDI bag I was holding for her while we walked from the cafe to her block. "Off you go now," I said.

She took the bag politely. "Good night."

I didn't reply but to just look at her walking off to the stairs and to her room, wherever it was anyway. She then disappeared from my sight, so I took a look around before started walking my way back to V5. I coughed a little from the cold weather so I covered my mouth as I did so with my hand.

It smelt of it. Euphoric.

I kept walking all the way past V2 cafe, still enjoying the scent on my right hand. As I was about to cross the cafe, I placed my hands into the pocket of my baju melayu, since it would be very weird for people to see me sniffing my own hands in public. That was when I found out that the chocolate I bought for her, was still in my pocket. It was there all along.

I stopped and thought for a while whether should or shouldn't I call her up to pass the Rocher. It was already 2.00am and she might be tired already. Plus she needed to go to classes on the next day, probably in the morning, so she needed enough sleep. After all, it was just a chocolate. Just a chocolate.

I held the Rocher in my hand and kept on walking in the mist. I used my fingers to find the dimple she said about, since I did not remember I ever have one, at least not in a very long time. Suddenly my mobile phone made a sound, indicating an incoming message. I took the phone out and checked on the message. It was from her.

"You don't want to share those Rocher with me?"

My God, I said to myself. How the hell you knew all these things?!


melor said...

"Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all."

hihi 10 things i hate about u

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

you just need to kill the fun dont you.

shera said...


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ler. tu je?

~riena~ said...

i just wonder...
how could u write soo beautifully....
its like i can really relate to the situation...
write more...i lovee it :)

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

riena: i was just telling a story. it's not that i came out with any of those by myself. that's why it sounds real - coz it is =)

shera said...

haha.still din answer the question la did u pulun the rocher on ur own??

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

haha tu kene tunggu la =D

shera said...

penantian satu penyeksaan oke? haha ;p