Saturday, August 29, 2009

And All I Can Taste Is This Moment,

It rained again yesterday.

I waited beside my car at V1, parked next to a large fir tree. The parking lot was even emptier since many of the students chose to go back home and enjoy the three-day holiday streak with the family, thanks to the 31st August celebration that happened to fall on Monday. The weather was not as chilly, but one could observe the moving thin clouds of dew wondering around and under the shades of glowing streetlights. The radio in the car was playing Buble's Put Your Head On My Shoulder, blanketing me with such mixed but relaxing feelings.

From an angle to where I was sitting, I could see a lady guard walking along the alley next to the female block of Village 1, shortly V1. She was one of the guards who were close to me like a family member, oftenly seen looking after one another. Mummy - that's what we call her - was walking slowly and looking at her steps while doing so. I was hoping that she will see me and then drop by for a shot of conversation maybe, which unfortunately didn't happen since she already disappeared behind the block when I came out from the shadows of the fir tree.

So I took out a cigarette and lighted it up before turning my attention to the mobile phone. I ran through a few of the latest messages I recently received, and read them one by one while inhaling the smooth smoke until I stopped at one particular message I received the previous night.

"Can I ask you a favor?"

And that was the reason why I was here, waiting in the mist to attend to her request to drive her down to Ipoh into the arms of her family. All I did was smiled at it, and pretty much soon after that I heard footsteps coming from behind me. And intuitively I knew that it was hers. I stood up, brushed my jeans from debris for a bit and turned around to see, the one with rosy cheeks.

And there she was, as lovely as always, standing in her plain, black cotton long-sleeve and a pair of acid-washed jeans. She wore a pair of wedges, this particular one with woven rattan for its outer layer and colorful knitted foot holder that matched with those strips on my Paul Smith's. She left her hair loose this time except on the fringe part that was clipped carefully like usual, and somehow that improved her looks by 2 years. She held a black traveling bag and a laptop bag in her hands, apart from her usual brown tote that hung lifelessly on her right shoulder. As I looked and smiled at her, she smiled back excitedly. Man, didn't she looks like a lady?

"Lama tunggu?"

"Nope," I said. "You ready?"

"Yeah. Jom?"

I took the bags from her except the tote, placed them at the back seat of the car and closed the door. I opened the front passenger door and looked at her who was now standing next to it. From the glare of faraway streetlights, I could see her lips bent into a smile.


* * *

"You tak balik?"



"Banyak kerja. Nak mark report you all lagi."

She laughed a little. I replied with only a small shift on my cheeks. Her perfume filled the air-conditioned environment of my car, like hovering gases moving alive around. As if her presence did not torture me enough. We went past the guard house at UTP front gate and I waved at the guards before proceeding to going out of the campus and into the Ipoh-Lumut causeway, Ipoh direction.

"Where's my Rocher?" she asked.

"Dalam glove box."

She opened the glove box and found the three carefully-wrapped chocolates in a transparent plastic pack at bay at the center of the case. She took the pack out and closed the box with a click. Finally, huh?

"How did you know about it?"

She opened the pack, took out one of the chocolates and placed the rest on the anti-slip mat on the dashboard.

"You have to watch your pocket often, mister," she said as she unwrapped it. "I saw it when I came back from the toilet yesterday."

I knew it. The soft cloth the baju melayu was made from has never failed to slip things out from the pocket quite unnoticed. The pack must have had slipped out when I moved around to look at her when she was back from the toilet.

She placed the whole of it into her mouth. I could hear her crunching on it. She then crumpled the wrapping, placed it in a piece of tissue paper and left it on the dashboard too, next to the other two untouched Rochers.

"You want one?"
she asked.



"Yea I'm sure." I was not in the mood for any munchies at the moment.

It started to rain again outside so I turned on the wiper. The road to Ipoh was not as busy as usual, and that made the journey a smooth one. I chose to take the road that crossed Batu Gajah's town via the Simpang Pulai's bypass and into another road that cut straight to Ipoh through Bandar Seri Botani since that is shorter and less crowded than the causeway.

"I didn't know yang you orang Ipoh?" I took a quick glance at her as I asked before turning my view to the road again.

"You tak pernah tanya," she replied casually.

"Right," I said. Somehow I felt that I blushed a little. "Which part of the town?"

"You'll know later."

I turned to her and wondered. This was just too mysterious to even begin with, and I demanded an answer. It just got too confusing already. She turned her head too and looked at me, but she didn't speak nor smile but to stay just so natural, so casual. Her relaxed eyes looked so inviting. Her lips were closed tight, and from the passing streetlight outside they shone softly. Out of a sudden I felt this growing radiance in me. What was it? And why? These questions I would like to ask but none a word came out from my mouth. I turned to the road again instead, but my mind was still on her.

Seriously, what games are you playing?


shera said...

watever it is, ur in! keep playing sir.keep safe.

dyn al said...

lucky as me? haha.
ya. i'm too lucky.
but he is not mine lor.


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

shira: hey babe. yea been thinking bout it. but lets see how it goes. it progressed quite good, frankly ;)

amoy: i wonder who was 'he' you were speaking about