Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And Sooner or Later It's Over

It didn't rain today, unusually.

I did not go for prayer today at the usual UTP mosque but instead at the one next to the UiTM Sri Iskandar with my roommate who drove us there. The crowd was as large, only that in that mosque I felt a little bit secluded from unwanted attention. Plus I felt rather in a large family with all the warm old folks that prayed together next to next, in a line of dedicated men who reserved some time finding God. Some of them had already lost many of their teeth, but still they laughed and cheered among themselves as they talked to one another.

It took me until around 10.30pm to finish a part of the prayer. I wanted to finish it off like usual to the closing prayer but little did I forget that today I have a meeting with someone. I rechecked the text message she sent me the night before, just in case, to confirm back the meeting.

"Say, eleven?"

I hit the red button on my mobile phone to exit the SMS view and placed it into one of my pocket. The mosque was now losing many of its visitors as the night proceeded to the end. While waiting for my roommate, I lighted up a cigarette and puffed the drug in as I looked far into the night.

I was smoking off my cigarette next to the car when he appeared from behind one of the pillars. He looked fresh inside that pink baju melayu. He rolled his car keys in his palm, causing them to produce this familiar metallic sounds as the keys hit one another.

"Let's go for a drink?"

"No can't do mate," I said to him. "I've got to meet someone."

He unlocked the Waja and turned on the ignition. The engine roared and broke the silence.

"A date?"

"Nope." I just didn't want to rise his curiosity. At 27-year old, this electrical engineer roommate of mine has a younger mind somewhat. He might just sniff into things pretty much unnoticed.

"Well let's go then."

I flipped the cigarette to the air in front of me, now only a few more puffs towards the butt, and it degraded into flying amber as it flew before hitting the tarmac and died.

"Sure," I said as I closed off the door. "Let's ride."

* * *

The air was humid enough tonight. It can be seen under the shades of street lights the dew that formed from unsettled vapor.

I was waiting for her at the bank next to the cafe, like she agreed to where we would meet. There were nobody around there except for a few who walked in and out the bank to withdraw some cash before disappearing into the cold night. I placed my hands into both of the pockets of my baju melayu, one holding on to my phone and another on the pack of Rocher I bought yesterday. Hopefully the cocoa butter didn't melt as it would spoil anyone's mood to even take a look at them, let alone to consume. With the warmth from my hand, I was pretty sure it already did.

I took a long throw of look out to the main concourse of the main hall when I saw a number of ladies in white telekongs making their way across the road and up to USM's parking lot using the cold, mason stairs. I could hear them giggling over something.

And then the pack of four divided into two groups - one consisted of three going down to V1 while the latter single walked towards me who was then standing at the stairs and leaning against the large pillar next to it.

"Assalamualaikum," she said. Peace be upon you.

As she came approaching, the light that shone from the roof of the porch showered on her and made it clear to me that she was the person I was for a quite while waiting for. She looked different in telekong, but still that pretty smile remained the same. She held a tote bag on her right shoulder while handling a soft, black cotton-made PDI shopping bag in her hand. I presumed there were books and notes inside it since from the look she was holding it, it looked heavy. She stopped in front of me, just two stairs apart.

I smiled at her and replied, "waalaikumsalam."

She smiled back, this time with her teeth showing in between those moist pink lips.

"Handsome hari ni?"

"I always am," I replied with a small laugh before continuing, "lawa hari ni?"

"I always am," she said, now the grin got even wider. I could see how those eyes shone brightly. She did look lovely.

I took a few steps down and offered her a hand on the bag she was holding. We walked together up the stairs and all the way along the corridor to the cafe.

"I need to use the bathroom," she said. "Could you wait?"

"Sure," I said. "Take your time."

I took a seat at a table quite far away from the cafe and placed her bag on one of the empty seats. As I waited I took a look around the now empty cafe. There were some international students having their drinks and chatting with one another. I browsed through some of the posters on the wall and read them off one by one. Then I felt the seat behind me moved for a bit, so I turned around to look.

There she was, sitting next to me in her maroon kurong, with a shining crafted brooch also in maroon, connecting the loose tie of the dress at the center of her neck. Her lips shone out from gloss, her hair was nicely tied and her fringe was carefully clipped. Those cheeks were those of red roses. She sat straight against nothing behind her, both her hands resting on her lap. And that bloody perfume stroke me like never before.

I melted like the chocolate in my pocket did.


shera said...

guwd! the chocolate??

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

you! what happened with the chocolate was darned embarrassing ok! later la bgtau =b

shera said...

wah! saje je bg i t'tggu2..segera mr.jacksparrow!!

Anonymous said...

Darl... what a waste of good chocolate. We are going to have so many better ways to use it, don't we? ;)

dyn al said...

lucky la dat gal


Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

shira: sabar sayang..bawa mengucap..bawa bertendang sayang :b

plenteh: baby~ of course many usage of them we have =b

amoy: not as lucky as you are sygs! haha~

Fiza Falak said...

i love the way u write...u r awesome! ok..terlebih pulak. u r good.

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

ey fiza.. thanx babe. like the way you wrote too. haha. cheers, yo