Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bloody Orgasmic

Just came back from a very busy day.

Made two trips to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort today. First for a quick business brunch with my roommate and the application for the resort's membership during late morning and later on in the late evening for tea. Earlier in the evening I was running around up and down Tronoh-Pusing for my engineering businesses.

An hour plus of the day was spent on my ride. Took her for an oil change and a nice filter replacement. She got lovelier on the road right after that, dashing like a shooting star. With confidence, with style.

Right after that I went to fetch a parcel that was currently sent to me across the Pacific. My precious, precious box of wonders. But that could wait, so I left the package in the room before running out for a meeting right afterward.

It rained just now in the evening even until now. Went out with a close buddy for dinner and shared the stories of the day together. Spent a couple of hours more with him over after-meal coffee and whatnot.

Came back tired only to see that the roommate was not around. So I decided to open the box I got today.

And there it was - carefully wrapped in thick waterproof plastic bag, layered with soft packs of shredded papers and air bubble sheets - the item I really wanted to have all these while. Waited for too long and spent a little too much on it though, but it surely worth it.

It's the 2009-2010 Season Wimbledon Championship by Polo Ralph Lauren. At last. Bloody orgasmic.

Well, the difference between boys and men toys is the price of it. Thank God the fasting month is coming, or else I might have to eat the shirt since it costs me one too many pennies!

Hitting the bed now. Night, darlings. And night, kurong girl.


Dusty said...

polo wimbledon ni memang aku nak.aku da cek ngan member aku.85 pound

Mohamad Nazmi Zaidi said...

syyh. ape lg polo ko nak? Mercer IV ade? Aku xdpt lg yang tu. Shyte la.